Discover the beauty of wooden textiles

Imagine if it were possible to bend and flex wood in such a way that it became a textile; a versatile material that you could create so many more gorgeous pieces of furniture from or even clothing and accessories.  I’m here to tell you that it is now entirely possible and there are companies who create ‘wooden textiles’ for both the home and as a fashion statement.  Read on to discover more about the incredible art of wooden textiles and the types of items you can expect to discover.


What are wooden textiles?

Wooden textiles are exactly as the name suggests – wood manipulated in such a way that it becomes bendable and flexible, like textiles, so that it can be made into creations that it couldn’t have been when left unaltered in its original form.  Once the wood is altered so that it is more malleable, then it can be maneuvered and hand crafted into forms that would previously been thought of as impossible for wooden material.  It can be used to create stunning interior architecture, furniture with twists and turns, and also handbags, clutches and purses.  It can even be used to create curtains, rugs and blankets.  It can basically be turned into all manner of objects that would previously have been thought impossible to create with wood.  Turning wood into a textile makes it a more versatile material with endless possibilities for its formations.  Take a peek at this gallery to see more examples of what wooden textiles look like and how they move and bend.

twisted chaise_interior view__pipeline.jpg

Many wooden textile studios have their own special woodcarving techniques.  These methods may not require any electrical power at all and are therefore more sustainable and eco-friendly than many factories that churn out mass produced items.  Each piece that is created with wooden textiles is unique and generally made-to-order.  No-one else will have the same item as you and each item will have the maker’s special touch. If you choose to decorate your home with wooden textiles, then you will be choosing items that are not just serving a purpose, but are pieces of art and beauty within themselves.

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Each wooden textiles studio has its own methods, as mentioned above.  Some wooden textiles are a mixture of wood veneer and textile.  Sometimes the wood is broken into tiny geometrical shaped pieces and then attached to a textile so that it has total movement, like a blanket, yet appears to be totally wood-like from the outside.  It creates a really stunning way for wood to be used; this material that was once so stiff and rigid, can now be twisted and turned into all sorts of wonderful shapes and patterns.  Imagine a roll of wood, that looks and moves like fabric!  That’s what can be created by using the thinnest sheets of wood and combining it with textiles – a sort of wooden fabric.

Ebony stools_duo.jpg

What types of items can be made with wooden textiles?

There are a lot of beautiful handcrafted products that you can purchase from wood textile companies, such as clothing and accessories, tables, benches, shelves, curtains, rugs and more.  The possibilities of creations are really endless once the hard inflexible wood, as we know it, becomes soft, supple and twistable.

If you are looking for a modern and unique design inside your home then a new way to decorate is with wooden textiles. These are artistic and aesthetic objects that can be used inside the home as home décor made from natural wood and often using sustainable methods. The wood is transformed from a hard material as we all know it, into a flexible texture from which it can create some magnificent pieces for your home and even for your wardrobe!

Each piece that is created with wooden textiles is unique and generally made-to-order. No-one else will have the same item as you and each item will have the maker’s special touch. If you choose to decorate your home with wooden textiles, then you will be choosing items that are not just serving a purpose, but are pieces of art and beauty within themselves.

twisted chaise_3 quart view.jpg

Where can I buy wooden textiles home décor and fashion?

There are some beautiful stores online that sell these amazing creations, but the wooden textile at is truly timeless and stunning.   Their pieces of, I’d like to say art, are inspired by ‘minimalism and mathematical precision’.  They also use sustainable methods and they have an eco-friendly zero waste policy so nothing is discarded – every piece is carefully measured and all materials are utilized.  Such values are more important than ever in today’s destructive and planet destroying society.

I want to share with you the sorts of items they make from this innovative material that could adorn your home:

Twisted tables

These are gorgeous twisting tables made from either oak, wenge or American walnut.  The twist can make the wood appear to move at a glance.  The design is minimal, but striking.  Each piece is so meticulously hand crafted with attention and care, that it would not be possible to create such a striking geometric piece of furniture by machine.  It’s a stunning example of a piece of art that will never go out of fashion.  One of their great characteristics is also their weight – they are lightweight and easy to move.

twsited chaise_point of view.jpg

Twisted chaises

These, like the twisted tables, are shaped in such a way that the twist of the wood makes it appear as though it is moving and flowing – a characteristic not usually associated with wooden objects.  The twisted chaises are benches or seats for their practical purpose, but are also incredible statement pieces of art and sculpture for your home.


Their wooden and handmade shelves are also called niches.  They are floating wooden style shelves with faceted curves to each end.  They’re the perfect place to safely store and show your knick-knacks.  They are wall art in themselves, even before you add any display objects!  The interior is smooth and the exterior is made by hand-sculpted diamond shapes.

trio diamond woods_zoom

Geometric tables

These tables have beautiful geometric patterns that are ideal for interior decoration.  Their faceted design helps to create a ‘dramatic light and shadow effect’ which changes as you move and view the table from a different angle.  These tables come in a variety of sizes so the smaller versions serve as sitting stools and all can be mixed and matched to create an eclectic combination of sizes and types of wood.

African wood clutch_front.jpg

Wooden clutches

Not exactly for your home, but I couldn’t not share with you their fashion inspired wooden clutches.  If you want a fashionable clutch that never goes out of style, then choose a wooden textile clutch.  They are so certain of their craftsmanship that the wooden clutches come with a lifetime guarantee.   As well as being a truly unique addition to your wardrobe, you can rest assured that each piece of wood is hand selected to ensure a ‘beautiful grain composition for each and every piece’.

The future of wooden textiles

It’s an innovative idea that is only just starting in my opinion.  Manipulating wood is this way makes it so much more versatile that it can create objects that were never before created by wood.  I feel this is only the beginning for the world of wooden textiles.  It’s not a passing fad, but a way to sustainably use a renewable resource to create eye-catching and inspirational timeless pieces for the home and beyond.

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Thank you to the Tesler Mendelovitch team for providing the imagery for this article.

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