DIY ideas to add more storage space to your home

There’s no such thing as too much storage space. Most of us could do with some more room to store things, whether it’s children’s toys in the bedrooms or paperwork in the office that is cluttering up your house. If your home is overrun with clutter, you can DIY some more storage all over the house to give yourself more space.

DIY ideas to add more storage space to your home

Maximise prime real estate

When it comes to storage, the prime real estate is the space between your knees and your shoulders. The best space for storage is the area that is easiest for you to reach. If you can reach it, you will get more use out of the storage space and are more likely to actually put things away. 

If you keep something out of sight, it’s going to be out of mind. Use your prime real estate zones to store the things you need most often. What do you use the most? These are the things you should store in these zones. To add storage to these zones, put up shelves or cubbies, or use DIY glue to put up hooks for hanging space.

Think vertically

Don’t forget about the space that is at the level of your feet and above your head. These spaces are often overlooked, but make great spaces to store out-of-season or rarely-used items like Christmas decorations or suitcases. Put up shelves above head height, especially if you have high ceilings, and invest in a good step ladder to reach them. Just be careful not to store anything too heavy up high. Heavy things should be stored closer to the ground so you aren’t at risk of them falling and causing injuries. For floor space, you can use plastic storage containers, which stack well and make great storage. 

Choose the right products

Whatever space you’re adding more storage to, triple measure it before you buy anything like wood for shelves, racks, or boxes. Make sure the storage products you want to add will fit into the space so they’re easy for you to get at. Make a note of the measurements so you have them with you when you go to the DIY store and can make sure you’re choosing the right products for the amount of room you have. 

Use labels

We Buy Any House suggest clearly labelling boxes as you store things away so you know exactly what’s in what box and can easily find what you’re looking for. Invest in a label maker. Using labels makes your organising efforts and your storage look polished and professional. If you don’t have a label maker, you can make good labels with note cards, sharpies, and some tape. 

Use a rented storage space

While you’re working on adding more storage space, you might find that you still have more items to store than you have room for. Renting a storage unit for large items like furniture or rarely used items can be the best bet. Storage units can be especially useful if you’re moving home, you’ve recently downsized, or have adult children returning home.

Do you really need the storage?

There’s no point in continually taking up space storing items that never see the light of day. Whilst organising your storage be sure to declutter at the same time and ask yourself whether you really need the items you are storing, or whether it’s better for someone else to have them and make use of them.

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