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Dormitory cleaning hacks for students

What picture appears in your mind when you hear the phrase “student dorm room”? Most probably, it’s all about a room that’s not clean. Trash, a lot of clothes that require immediate washing, unpaired socks on the floor here and there, etc. Of course, it can be true for a lot of students. A significant part of them may even feel okay living in their messy rooms.

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However, there always are those who prefer living in clean and neat rooms.

Additionally, you should always keep in mind that the overall appearance of your living space can impact your body. In fact, the effect of that mess around you in a dorm room on your mental state and physical shape may be devastating. The untidy and abandoned dormitory room can be either a symptom of depression or one of its causes.

So, it is a great decision for any student to find some time to clean their room even during heavily overloaded exam session days. Here are some hacks able to help you do that faster, easier, and of course, cheaper. Let’s clean up the mess!

Making the bed is a half of the deal

You. Should. Make. Your. Bed.

That’s actually the very first priority of all students willing to make their rooms look tidy and clean. Additionally, making your bed in the morning can become your first obligation during the day. It’s the first step you make towards becoming productive. Try to perceive it as some kind of an entry ritual.

tidy bed

Additionally, regarding tight spaces inside most dorm rooms, the bed is usually the biggest part of the interior “design”. It’s the center of the composition. You can make everything around shine with cleanness, but nothing will help if your bed looks messy.

Vinegar: Universal cheap cleaner

As a student, you’re most probably on a budget. That means the majority of domestic chemicals are not in your room simply because they are relatively expensive. However, there is the cheap and universal sanitiser not everyone is aware of.

white vinegar cleaning

It’s vinegar. A bottle of white distilled vinegar, it surely is your ultimate weapon against long-forgotten dirt, fat spots, spilled oil, and of course, bad smell in the room. However, check the effect out on a small spot before applying vinegar to any surface or thing. It’s a chemical weapon of local scale, so keep up with safety measures, and don’t mix it up with soda more than you need to clean things up.  

Wet wipes clean everything

Is your mousepad dirty? Use wet wipes.

Is there a dry sauce spot on the table? Use wet wipes.

Is there anything else that requires 30 seconds and some water to clean it? Just use wet wipes already.

You can clean whatever surface you need with a wipe quickly and then throw it into a trash can without hesitation. Like, you’ve got 100 similar wipes in that cheap pack. You can now even get reusable wet wipes so no more waste.

reusable wet wipes

In fact, these are as universal as vinegar but for less serious challenges. Use them when you perform fast cleaning in the morning before classes or in the evening after you come back home.

Yep, a dorm room is your home. That’s why you should prefer to keep it clean and tidy.

Coffee filters get rid of dust

A dose or two of caffeine are preferred battery recharging measures for many students after they wake up. There are those who prefer making their coffee with their own hands. In case you are one of such coffee drinkers, then you’ve got many filters stored somewhere near for sure.

The point is, a coffee filter is a perfect dust cleaning solution. It does not leave lint behind, so the surface will look even neater!

To conclude

Of course, the main goal of any student is to study well and to get the best grades possible. However, it is also critical to learn how to live independently and keep routine things under control during your studentship years. The decision to clean your dorm room regularly will not only help you feel better here and now but develop your self-discipline, planning, and prioritising skills. Keep your living space clean and tidy, and you’ll become even more successful as a result!

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