DotcomBlinds next day roller blinds review + £5 off discount code

DotcomBlinds next day blackout roller blinds review Bosa Plum discount code

Today I am reviewing online blind retailer DotcomBlinds and in particular, their next day service. They very kindly sent me a blind for the purpose of this review.

Plus, I have a discount code if you want to order your own DotcomBlinds. Grab £5 off your DotcomBlinds order by clicking here!

Read on to see my review of the next day blinds service offered by DotComBlinds.

DotcomBlinds next day blackout roller blinds review Bosa Plum discount code

Can you really get DotcomBlinds next day?


Amazing, right?

Previously we’ve needed blinds and had to wait for what felt like ages to get blinds in our home, whilst feeling very on show at night time to all the surrounding houses!

Now, if you need blinds in a hurry then you can order from a special next day selection at DotcomBlinds and receive them the next day.

Simply order by 11am and select the next day postage option at the checkout.

Our blinds arrived by 9am the next day!

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DotcomBlinds next day roller blinds review + £5 discount code

DotcomBlinds review

When DotcomBlinds offered us a blind, it was perfect timing. We actually need a few blinds in our home currently, having been here for several years now a couple of our old blinds are broken and need replacing. But we actually chose to get a blind for our daughter who is fast growing up!

We moved in when she was two years old and now she is turning nine!

Her baby pink room she once loved is now far too ‘babyish’ for her as she tells us, and she no longer likes pink. Instead she wants a purple and green room so we are gradually changing the colourscheme.

We’ve changed the bed covers and storage drawers so far. For her birthday I’ve ordered mint green fairy lights, some green paint for her desk and green drawer handles. Now we have a new blind, it’s just the rug to go and she’ll be happily pink free!

The one element of the room that made it feel very pink in her entire room was her huge baby pink roller blind!

Her bedroom has a large window and the blind pretty much takes up half the wall. I knew if we changed this it would make a huge difference to the feel of her bedroom, instantly making it feel more purple and ‘grown up’ for her.

I was definitely right!

DotcomBlinds next day roller blinds review + £5 discount code
Lovely Bosa Plum Blackout Roller Blind from DotcomBlinds

Free blind samples from DotcomBlinds to get the perfect colour

Before ordering the blind we ordered some free blind samples just to check the colourways. She wants a green and purple bedroom, so we wanted to check the purple was best for the blind and to see the colours in real life.

I’d recommend getting some free samples as the colours of the blinds can look quite different on the computer screen.

We decided to stick with purple, our original plan, and ordered the blind.

Quick and easy to order

The ordering process is really straightforward and the trickiest part is probably measuring the blind! You just don’t want to get it wrong!

I measured and then I made my husband measure, just to be sure.

Luckily, DotcomBlinds do offer an additional peace-of-mind if you pay an extra £9.99 and they’ll correct your blind if you do happen to measure incorrectly and end up with a blind that doesn’t fit!

We tend to just measure a few times and make sure our measurements match up. Then we double check the screen a few times to make sure we haven’t put the width in the length and vice-versa!!

The ordering process was nice and easy and in a few moments we had ordered our blind.

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DotcomBlinds Bosa Plum

Amazing next day blinds service from DotcomBlinds with high quality blinds

I was told to order before 11am to qualify for the next day service, so keep this in mind if you need yours next day.

I was amazed when the blind arrived just before 9am the next day. It was so speedy, not even 24 hours since I ordered!

The blind comes with the fixtures and fittings you need to attach to the wall or ceiling, but ours was ever so simple to fix as it slotted perfectly into the existing fittings we had! What a bonus!

It comes with a chrome chain which we neatly fixed to the wall instead of letting it dangle. The blind has a weight to the bottom so it hangs perfectly and DotcomBlinds had neatly secured this weight to the bottom of the blind. Some other blinds we have simply have it inserted and it often pokes out, so we preferred the finish on the DotcomBlinds to other existing blinds we already own.

DotcomBlinds next day roller blinds review + £5 discount code

Blinds can transform the look and feel of a room in an instant

Within seconds we had transferred my daughter’s room from the very baby pink to a cool purple blind, continuing with our transformation of her baby/kiddy room into a tween-friendly zone!

Simply changing the blind has made so much difference and luckily the blind is great quality too!

We opted for a blackout blind as it’s for a bedroom and it really does darken the room significantly. This is perfect in the summer when our children would otherwise struggle to go to sleep as the light nights get later and later!

DotcomBlinds next day roller blinds review + £5 discount code

DotcomBlinds £5 off discount code

We are very happy with the service received and the blind itself and wouldn’t hesitate to use DotcomBlinds as customers in the future. In fact I’ve held on to the other sample colours we ordered as they’ll be perfect for blind colours in our bathroom and kitchen!

If you need some new blinds for your home then do check out DotcomBlinds. If you need blinds in a flash then see if their next day range suit your needs. Don’t forget to use my discount code to save £5 off your order too.

Grab £5 off your DotcomBlinds order by clicking here!

DotcomBlinds Bosa Plum

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