Drafts and cracks: two bits to fix before they require outside help

When we’re a child, we all tend to share that same dream of one day growing up and having our very own home to create memories in, get our first pet, have our partner move in, and then start a family. And as wonderful as it sounds, one thing that we don’t realise is just how much money that dream is going to require.

With owning a home comes a lot of responsibility. That also means it can cost you quite a bit of money too. This is just something that we accept when buying a home because we have no choice. Everything costs money nowadays, and you can either complain about it twenty-four seven and have nothing change, or accept it and at least live a more peaceful life because of it.

One thing that we can all do without is those sneaky issues that pop up out of nowhere and end up costing us a fortune to repair.  But the only way those can be avoided, is if you are able to keep a watchful eye over everything to see if there is any sudden change that can be spotted early enough. As long as you’re attentive and really look after your home the way it should be, there is no reason that you will have bad encounters, often because you’re doing what needs to be done as a homeowner.

It may seem like a hassle, but it will all be worth it when you’re able to relax in your home instead of always living on the edge, anxious that a pipe is going to burst or the ceiling is going to crumble down.  Part of owning a property is being able to maintain it best you can.  It’s not like renting when you can just call the landlord to fix a problem.  You have to fix it yourself, or pay for it to be fixed!

Here are two bits to fix to save money and to make sure your house isn’t going to come down!

Tips to fix drafts and cracks

Drafts and cracks Two bits to fix before they require outside help


The drafts

Drafts are never a good thing to have because they let the cool air out in the summer, and the cool air in during the winter, which is the complete opposite of what you want to happen. So you need to have a look all around your windows and doors to see whether there’s a slight gap. It may be so small that you can’t even see it with the human eye, so one way of making sure, is to hold up a lighter. If there is a draft, the flame will move or flicker.

Gaps may eventually get bigger, and this makes your windows and doors a lot less secure than they already are, making them an easier target for any potential burglars out there. All you need to do in order to seal the gap, is to apply some construction or relevant industrial adhesive over the area and wait for that to dry. This also works on wet surfaces and even underwater, so if you suffer from any leaks around the piping or the drain or even around the bath – this stuff should do the job.

Stopping warm air from escaping your home will also save you money in the long run by reducing heat energy loss.

The cracks

Nobody wants to have any cracks in their foundation, and yet they happen. You may wake up one day and notice a hairline crack through your wall or ceiling that has come out of nowhere. This can be very unsettling because you can’t help but think your house is going to fall down – but you don’t need to worry. Unless of course, the crack is huge and thick – then you can freak out and call for someone to take a look at it!

The truth is though, things move, and although you don’t feel it, sometimes your house can. If you’re worried, all you need to do is document the crack. Take a photo, measure the crack, and date it. Then next week go back and see if anything has changed. If not, have another look next week. If by a month or two nothing has changed at all, then you really don’t need to worry.  Small hairline cracks are normal and they may even just be in the plaster or paintwork.  If you think it’s something more serious, or it’s getting worse, then seek professional advice.

These are just a couple of examples of things to keep an eye out for in your home to fix before they become a much larger problem.  There are of course plenty more, so check out the rest of this blog for so many home and DIY tips and advice aimed at beginners and new home owners.   Just remember that if ever anything was really bothering you, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call in a local service to take a look at the problem. It may well be nothing, but peace of mind is something that a lot of people will appreciate. So don’t feel silly or embarrassed – that’s what the services are there for.

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