Dream design ideas for beautiful landscaped gardens

A large garden decorated with beautiful trees and flowers is a real luxury today.  Many people live in overcrowded cities and have no personal outside space of their own.  The local parks are their only retreat to greenery.  Those of us lucky enough to have outdoor space can find the cost of maintaining it quite considerable and to make it into a beautiful haven that reflects our personalities takes time, patience and money.

However, this effort and cost is totally worth it for those of us with a space outdoors we can call our own.  It’s a luxury to own this space and we need to remember that.  Spending time on the appearance of our gardens can be an enjoyable hobby and if it’s not, then it’s always possible to hire people to do the work for us!  Creating a gorgeous landscaped garden that we are proud of and that makes us want to spend time outdoors is high on my own personal to do list.

If, like us, you don’t have time to transform your garden yourself, then you may want to call in landscaping experts such as oxfordgardendesign.co.uk who can bring your design ideas to life. Finding a local garden design company will save you time and will ensure your garden looks its absolute best.

There are so many ideas on how to make the most of your garden nowadays from garden rooms, to ‘she-sheds’ and creating outdoor kitchens so you really can live outside in the summer.  All gardens are unique and we all have different visions.  I’ll share a few garden design ideas and inspiration in this blog post to start you on your dream garden design journey.

Dream design ideas for beautiful landscaped gardens

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Garden rooms – be in when you’re out!

The only room that used to be in the garden was the humble garden shed.  This conjures up images of a slightly leaning battered wooden shed perched in the corner of a garden to me!  A place to put the lawnmower, store plant pots, grass seed and hang tools.

Nowadays there’s a new garden building on the block in the form of the impressive garden room.  These are purpose built structures with wood cladding that blend seamlessly into their environment and provide a real room that can be used as if it were an extension of the house.  The best bit being it’s in the garden, perhaps at the bottom, where it can also be an extension of the garden too.

Garden rooms can be used as exactly that – a place to sit in the garden, but still be indoors, surrounding by nature, plants, flowers and wildlife.  They can have huge bi-folding doors to open up the front to be one with the garden, or these can be shut for privacy and to feel like you are inside again.

Garden rooms offer an extra room to your home too.  They can be fitted with electricity and even running water.  They make the perfect creative space such as an office or art studio.  They could even make the perfect hang out for teenagers if your family house is feeling a bit cramped.  There are so many possibilities.

In a garden room you don’t have to grow plants, but if you do then you might want to opt for evergreen plants to keep the room green and inspiring all year round. Here you can find some suggestions for evergreen pot plants to make your garden green all year.

Dream design ideas for beautiful landscaped gardens flowers

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Vertical gardens for thin or small gardens

If your garden is very narrow or small, then consider a vertical garden to get the most from your outdoor space.  Don’t let a small space limit your creativity, instead be creative with the space to maximize it.  By using a variety of clambering plants and different sorts of vines you can make the most of your garden fences for plants and flower decoration if borders are not an option.  Grow upwards and make the most of walls, fences and gates around the edge of your garden.

There are lots of clever pots and hanging baskets that can be hung from fences so your garden can still be filled with colourful blooms, even if the floor space is lacking.  Choose vertical planters to grow your own vegetables and herbs without taking up valuable space.

Flowerbeds will hide imperfections

If you have some imperfections in your garden that you wish to disguise, then flower beds are a great option.  For example, if you have a large tree stump then you could turn it into a feature with flowers growing all around it and spilling out of it.  You can even cut some of the middle out of the top of the stump, fill with soil and plant flowers to turn it into a real outdoor planter!

If you have planted a large tree and are left with unsightly soil around the base, then turn this area into a pretty circular flowerbed.  Even if you haven’t planted any new trees, this is a great way to add flowerbeds to parts of the garden that wouldn’t otherwise be used – under trees and even bushes.

Check some flower bed ideas here: https://homebnc.com/best-flower-bed-ideas/

Dream design ideas for beautiful landscaped gardens roses

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Make your garden unique to you

There are infinite possibilities for your garden; in fact you would probably be surprised to find out how many types of gardening styles exist. On this page you can find some of them.  Do not be afraid to experiment and create your own style of garden that’s unique to you.  Sure, you can use blogs, Pinterest and magazines to find inspiration as well as visiting public gardens, but remember to use your own creativity and imagination too.  Your garden should be somewhere you want to spend time and whether that’s a minimal maintenance-free zone or an overflowing paradise of green plants and flowers spilling all over the place – make sure it’s right for you.

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