Easy DIY bedroom makeover ideas

Many of us have been stuck looking at the same four walls for months on end now thanks to the global coronavirus pandemic.  People have been shielding at home and others have been on furlough, not allowed to leave their local areas and often not even leaving home as it’s been too cold to enjoy the outdoors during the winter months.

Whilst it’s certainly been nice to actually spend so much time in our homes, especially as they are usually one of our biggest expenses and a place we rarely spend much time due to our busy contemporary lifestyles, looking at the same rooms day in day out can really make us feel like we need a change.

If you’ve been spending more time than ever in your bedroom lately then this is a nice easy room to update on a budget, quickly and easily. There are lots of easy DIY bedroom makeover ideas you can easily achieve yourself without calling in any decorators!

Read on for some cheap decorating ideas for bedroom walls that won’t break the bank, and easy changes to update your bedroom in an instant.

Easy DIY bedroom makeover ideas

Create a feature wallpaper wall

One way to really transform your bedroom is with wallpaper.  You don’t need to go crazy and paper every single wall, just one will do.  In fact, it’s a lot more effective if you do only wallpaper one wall either with a patterned paper or even a mural.  If you need some inspiration then look no further than https://www.photowall.co.uk/collections/wallpaper for some stunning wallpapers that you’ll struggle to choose between.

Paint an accent wall

If you’d rather stick to one colour then painting is the option for you.  You can still make a feature out of painted walls by choosing one bright, bold or contrast colour to paint one accent wall.  Then simply add home décor in the same colour within the room to really tie it altogether.

Easy DIY bedroom makeover ideas

Add a rug

No matter whether you have a carpeted floor, wood or other types of hard flooring, a rug can totally change the aesthetics of a room.  It can make a hard-floored room cosier and more inviting, or even change the colour of a carpeted floor with ease if a large area rug is used.  It’s also a great way to protect a carpet as adding rugs are more affordable than replacing a whole carpet if you’re likely to get makeup stains or spills on the floor.

Replace the carpet

Replacing the carpet in your bedroom can give it a brand new look and feel. While it may seem like a daunting task, it’s actually something you can do yourself with a bit of planning and effort. First, remove all of the furniture from the room and take out the existing carpet. You may need to rent a carpet cutter to make the process easier.

Once the old carpet is removed, inspect the subfloor for any damage or wear. Repair or replace any damaged sections to ensure the new carpet has a stable foundation. Next, measure the room and choose your new carpet. You can choose from a variety of colors, textures, and materials to suit your preferences and budget.

A great alternative to a full carpet could be carpet tiles. You can lay a range of different colours and styles to suit your decor. Places like Carpet Tile Wholesale offer an extensive range at great prices. You can install them yourself for the ultimate budget transformation.

With a new carpet in place, your bedroom will feel fresh and new. Plus, the process is a great DIY project that can save you money and give you a sense of accomplishment.

Update your duvet

Whilst buying an entire new bed frame can be quite costly, changing the duvet cover is not.  It’s a cheap and cheerful way to freshen up a bedroom.  As we move into spring try lighter colours or even tropical prints in crisp cool cotton fabrics and remove the fleeces and brushed cottons until next winter.

Hide the clutter

If you’re wondering why your bedroom never resembles a luxurious hotel room, then the most likely cause is the clutter!  If you have lots of knick-knacks on show, piles of clothes and toiletries all over the place, then it will never feel like a totally relaxing boudoir.  Look into some space saving furniture if your bedroom is small and you find it hard to tuck everything away.  Make use of space above the wardrobe and under the bed with sneaky under bed drawers and patterned storage boxes that look great in view.  Simply organising your room can make you enjoy it again.  If jewellery is taking over your dresser then check out this list of ways to display and store your jewellery at home.

Easy DIY bedroom makeover ideas

Add mood lighting

If you haven’t already, then adding a lamp or two is a quick way to give your room a totally different mood when evening strikes.  You want your bedroom to be relaxing in the evenings and lamps are an easy way to do this.  Another quick lighting fix, asides from adding some lamps, is to change the main light switch for a dimmer switch.  You can then easily adjust the level of light depending on your mood and reason for being in the bedroom: bright light for organising, studying or even working and dim light for switching off, resting and relaxing.

Cushions and throws

It’s sometimes the small things that make a difference and adding a cushion and throw to a bed can really make it feel more complete.  Beds can look quite bare without, so try adding a lightweight throw draped over the end of the bed and one or two square cushions in front of your sleeping cushions for a cosier room and to instantly add more character.

Change your knobs!

Drawers, doors, wardrobes and cupboards – they all have one thing in common – handles!  Nowadays you can easily source beautiful and unique knobs so you can quickly and affordably change all the handles in your room to something with a difference.  It’s amazing the change this simple trick makes to a chest of drawers or a wardrobe.  You’ll be able to find the perfect coloured knobs to match your colour scheme.

Easy DIY bedroom makeover ideas

Bring nature in

If you don’t already have plants in your bedroom, then there are so many reasons to start adding some.  They are great for helping to purify the air, but studies have also found indoor plants can boost our mood.  Try layering your plants by adding floor plants in oversized weaved baskets, small potted plants on shelves and hanging one or two from the ceiling using a macramé holder.

Create a gallery wall

Make your bedroom your happy space by creating a gallery wall of your favourite memories.  Keep it slick with matching slim line frames in your bedroom’s accent colour, or be eclectic and quirky with a mix of frames.

Add an extra mirror

Mirrors are the perfect way to make a space feel much larger than it is by bouncing the light around the room and creating an illusion of more space in the reflection.  Leaning oversized floor mirrors look great in bedrooms if you have the space, or a large wall mirror is an easy fix too.

There are so many easy ways to makeover a bedroom to make it feel new and exciting once again.  Hopefully these ideas will inspire you!

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Easy DIY bedroom makeover ideas

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