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Easy storage solutions for a clutter free home

Our busy lifestyles can create havoc on our living spaces, especially when you have young children living at home. With the right kind of storage solutions you can manage your belongings more easily for a clutter free home. Help reduce your stress levels by organising your life so that everything has its place. When we introduce designated storage solutions to our busy lives we can reduce the number of items that end up placed on the side, stacked up in a corner or thrown into an already overflowing cupboard.

storage solutions home

Here are a few ideas to help you think about how you can manage your home more easily to reduce the unnecessary clutter and keep your things more organised. We have two children, aged 6 and 9 and they both love to spread their ‘mess’ around the house. So whilst we have solutions to manage our clutter we’ve also help them manage theirs. Here are some key rooms within our home where we have improved easy access storage.

Children’s Bedrooms

There are two key areas within your children’s bedroom where you can create storage to keep toys and other items tucked neatly away. Having said this, my first bit of advise would be to have a sort out. (We do this at least once a year). Make a pile of toys to keep and another pile that can be recycled, given to charity or sold on. If you have loads, don’t be afraid to be ruthless. Help your children let go of toys that haven’t been played with for a while.

childrens storage shelving unit

We found storage units with pull out drawers are a great way to manage toy organisation. They’re available in a range of different sizes and shapes which can easily be accessed by you and your child. You could leave a shelf open for books and add cube drawers for the toys. Different style cube drawers from Lifewit will fit perfectly into these 13″ shelving units.

lifewit storage boxes
Lifewit storage boxes

You can add more storage as required and have a cube storage box for all the different toys, stationery, books and games. Everything has its place that can easily be identified. So when you ask your child to tidy their room, there’s no excuse for thing not going somewhere.

The master bedroom

We can’t just blame our children for being messy. We can also be equally responsible for hoarding things can often get stuffed in a wardrobe or cupboard in the bedroom. It’s important to take time to go thorough our belongings and work out what we actually need and what can go. Clothes often end up taking over our lives and current storage. When I decided to get all my clothes and lay them out in front of me, I realised that I hadn’t worn half of them for years, literally half of them for more than 3 years! Partly because they had been buried for so long and partly because they either didn’t fit or I didn’t like them.

Once I’d organised them into what I want to keep I could rearrange my storage into sections. I used these under bed storage boxes from Amazon to keep seasonal clothing in and the rest fitted comfortably into our wardrobe and chest of drawers. Now, it’s no problem finding what I want to wear and all my seasonal clothing can be swapped around easily when required.

lifewit under bed storage 1

The livingroom

This is a place where we like to go a relax after a busy day. To switch off from the daily chores and enjoy family time or a bit of TV. The last thing we want is to be reminded of more clutter that needs sorting. Again, the first task is, reduce what you have. Sell, give to charity or recycle anything that you don’t need any more. You then have the perfect starting place to organise what’s important to you.

Shelving units can easily become busy and cluttered when items are piled in on top of each other. Foldable fabric storage bins are a great way to keep these items together and best of all hidden. You can transform your overspilling shelving units into an organised haven. Everything can finally have its place, out of sight and out of mind.

lifewit storage solutions

Other storage solutions in the living room might include a decent size TV unit, that can help hide things out of sight, or a side table unit that can house throws or books.


I hope this post has helped you think about your busy lives and how you can remove more of the clutter. We found that the more things that have their place, hidden out of sight, the less we have to think about them. Everything can quickly be put back in a neat, organise spot. This is turn reduces the need to think about the organisation of our items, allowing us to focus on other things, or simply switch off and relax!

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