Eco-friendly hacks for greener DIY

DIY may be a great way to reduce the costs of your home’s upkeep but, unfortunately, it isn’t always the most environmentally friendly process. These days, we all know the impact our actions can have on the environment and, as a result, more and more people are trying to lead greener lives. This is even the case with DIY and household maintenance. Lots of homeowners are now looking for eco-friendly methods and processes that they can switch to in an effort to live a more environmentally friendly life.

Do you think it’s time you turned to green DIY? These hacks will help you do that.

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Collect Rainwater

Trying to save water in the home is always important. Not only does it help bring down your water bills, but it also helps the environment and prevents any water shortages. That’s especially important in times like now when we experience heat waves! So, it’s a good idea to start collecting rainwater in a butt in your garden. That way, you never have to use tap water whenever any of your DIY jobs call for water. If you need a water butt or tank to collect water in, you can always check these out online for ideas. Once the tank’s installed, you just need to wait for it to rain!

Use Eco-Friendly Materials

Next time you need to buy any new materials for your DIY jobs, you should check the labels to see exactly what they are made of. Previously, some common DIY materials, such as paints and stains, were made with chemicals that are toxic to humans, wildlife, and the environment. Thankfully, many producers now offer greener solutions, so it’s always worth looking for those options. One other alternative is to make your own products at home. For instance, you can use white vinegar as a wood stain. You’ll find more ideas like this one online.

Switch To Electric and Battery Powered Tools

Traditionally, most DIY and home maintenance tools, like drills and saws, used to be powered by a mixture of oil and gas. You could buy this mixture at your local DIY store and then simply top up the tool. However, this mixture is a huge pollutant and would produce a thick smoke that would enter the atmosphere. So now, it’s worth looking for tools that are powered by electricity or batteries. Another plus that comes with battery and electric tools is that they are often cordless, so you can enjoy a lot more flexibility with them.

Insulate Your Water Pipes

One great DIY job that all homeowners should endeavour to do is to insulate their water pipes. It’s very easy, and you can buy the insulation tubes in most DIY stores. Doing this can save you a lot on your energy bills as you won’t need to use as much energy to heat your water. And that’s a lot better for the environment as well!

Make a positive difference and start using these green DIY tips right now!  You’ll help the environment and even save money!

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Eco-friendly hacks for greener DIY


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