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Eco-friendly ways to cosy up your bedroom

Doing your bit for the planet doesn’t have to be hard work. One place to start is your bedroom! Did you know there are plenty of eco-friendly ways to create an oh-so-cosy vibe in your comfort zone? If you are looking to give your bedroom a little update, here are some ideas that will help you relax sustainably for better sleep and a better world.

Snuggle into sustainable bedding

Is there anything better than freshly washed, soft bedding? Nope. Though there are easy ways to stay snuggly and sustainable. Choosing natural fabrics to wrap in is a great way to be kind to the planet and sleep like a hero. Buying a bamboo duvet will keep you cosy and your skin happy, the temperature intuitive wonder plant has heaps of wonderful benefits for your skin and the environment. It is naturally hypo-allergenic so ideal for allergy sufferers and so wonderfully soft, you won’t want to get out of bed in the morning. Bamboo grows up to ¾ foot a day, the skin-loving fabric is so comfy it’s fast becoming the go-to fabric for nights of planet-friendly snuggling.

cat in duvet

Relax in eco-friendly Pyjamas

Cosy nights call for warm, cuddly PJs. Though why not make them ethical? Many of the materials used for Pyjamas can be nasty for the planet. And what’s more, is they tend not to last as long. Treating yourself to some organic bedtime outfits made from natural materials, like bamboo or linen, is far better for the environment and will keep you cosy a whole lot longer. Being more mindful before you pop items into your shopping cart is easy to show the planet some love. Do some research on eco-friendly brands. Some gorgeously cosy PJ’s out there come in stylish designs and bag gold stars for the environment. Who said being sustainable can’t be chic?

Unwind with organic candles

Cosy is a feeling. And one sweet-smelling way to inspire it is with your favourite scented, organic candles. Certain aromas are known for supporting to calm your mind and boosting your mood and making the perfect addition to any relaxing bedtime routine. From orange and cinnamon to sage and berries, have a whiff around some eco-friendly candle stores and choose yourself something special. Try looking for brands that offer environmentally friendly packaging and recycling for extra planet points. Looking for ways to enhance a relaxing vibe to your bedroom can be done with a few simple, natural touches that will set you up for a better night’s sleep and help look after our world.

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Shut out the light with ethical curtains

You may not think of blinds or curtains as being harmful to the planet, though many of the fabrics used to make them are hard to recycle. Looking for ethical materials like hemp and upcycled cotton is an easy way to make bedtime more sustainable. Natural organic fabrics are also far better for your health, they are free from toxic chemicals that pollute the environment which of course we are a part of. Doesn’t sound too cosy! Shopping with ethical brands for curtains means you can shut out the light with peace of mind knowing you are doing something good for yourself and the planet. Plus, natural materials tend to be far more durable, and being planet-friendly never goes out of style.

Welcome in nature

One final cosy touch for your bedroom comes in refreshing shades of green! House plants are becoming an increasingly popular way to bring the magic of nature to bedtime, they are known to reduce indoor air pollutants and can help you destress and relax from the day. Plants come with their unique properties and one particular sleepy little number is potted lavender. Not only does it smell delicious, but the scent is also known to calm the central nervous system and promote slowing down. And if there is one thing the bedroom is for, it’s going slow! Popping one- or two-house plants around your bedroom is the perfect way to welcome nature and sets the scene for your beautifully sustainable new look.

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Looking for ways to be eco-friendly can be overwhelming, though taking the time to time to shop around with a relaxed and open mind is a step in the right direction. Give these tips a go and start with getting your bedroom cosy and making the planet smile.

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