Embracing nature in your home and everyday lifestyle

If adopting a more natural, eco friendly lifestyle is your big resolution for 2020, you’re not alone.  Many people are wising up to the challenges our planet is facing and the drastic changes needed to sustain ecosystems, environments and climate change.  Whilst this is far from an easy task, there’s plenty we can be doing in our lifestyles and our homes to make a difference.  Our impact on the planet as a species has accelerated over the last 60 years in ways that are now becoming very apparent, so I’d like to share a few ideas we can all adopt to start making a difference.


One key focus will be to accept that big change is necessary.  We have all fallen into the trap of cheaper, faster and easier access to products and services to help improve our everyday lives.  Whilst this level of comfort and accessibility has been beneficial to us as individuals we haven’t seen the knock on effect of the industries that provide these products.  Companies and corporations focusing on profits have neglected the somewhat fragile environments that help support their industries and we as consumers have supported them.  With a little bit of research and careful consideration into what we buy and where we buy it, we can help turn this around.  After all, there is no supply without the demand.  I really want to highlight the need for change here.

Plastic pollution

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Reducing single use plastic, recycling where possible, buying reclaimed items and furniture, buying organic food and clothing, supporting wildlife charities, buying second hand clothing and toys and composting food waste are just a few things we can do to make a difference.

The natural way of living shouldn’t be any different in your home. Given that you spend more time here than any other, this is the perfect place to start the process.

As you spend one-third of your life sleeping,  creating a relaxed bedroom with a natural vibe is essential.  Using natural wooden materials and adding a few plants to this space will not only provide calming green and brown colours but will also fill the air with fresh oxygen and a warming vibe.  

Your kitchen can even benefit from having natural surfaces in the form of quartz worktops which ignore all the cheap plastic and laminated materials and enhance the natural beauty of stone.  These durable materials will hold their natural colour and last a lifetime in both style and durability.  A sound eco-friendly investment.

Bedroom plants

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Lifestyle upgrades shouldn’t be limited to the home, though.  An eco-friendly car supported by habitual changes, such as walking to the local shops, will take your success to a whole new level.


Embracing the natural lifestyle requires a changing mindset, something to be passionate about.  As such, learning to actively promote your new lifestyle isn’t merely a vanity project, it actively keeps you on track while also encouraging others.

Having said this, there’s no need to force your way of life on other people, you should take pride and be happy to celebrate natural living.  Fashion choices can be a great way to gain subtle rewards. Visit https://thehippiehouse.com.au/collections/mens-t-shirts for some great ideas.  Let friends and family ask you questions rather than force it upon them.  Just make sure that you are equipped with the answer to their queries. Otherwise, it all seems a little futile.


When implementing new ideas into your life, it’s vital that you do it in a controlled manner. Without organisation, you run the risk of reverting to your old ways. Likewise, your strategies may bring limited lifestyle benefit. This can further damage your natural motivation levels.


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Writing out your immediate and long-term goals is a very positive step to take. After all, you won’t transform every aspect of your life to improve your wellbeing and reduce your carbon footprint overnight.  You must also remember that life happens, and will knock you off your stride at times. Getting back on track is vital. You can learn to do this at https://confidence.coach/how-to-get-back-on-the-horse/. Ultimately, setbacks and delays needn’t define you.

Besides, when you see success in this aspect of your life it’ll support other ambitions, like improving your career, relationships and help you on the way to become the best possible version of you.

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