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My honest Eufy RoboVac 30C review + Eufy UK discount code

In this post I’m going to talk through my experiences with the Eufy RoboVac 30C which we purchased 6 months ago. We’ve learnt a lot about this RoboVac in this time and I’d like to share these experiences with you including both the pros and cons. I’ll talk through some of these so that you can make an informed decision whether it’s worth investing in your own.

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eufy robovac 30c review

Key features

To start I’d like to point out a few of the key features that are available with the Eufy RoboVac 30C.

  • WiFi enabled. Control the 30C vacuum from your smart phone or device and link to Amazon Alexa or the Google assistance for voice activation.
  • Boundary strips. If you want the 30C to avoid spaces or rooms throughout the house then this model comes with some magnetic strips that can be fixed to the floor to prevent the vacuum from crossing. We found this very useful to ensure the 30C didn’t go under our desk where we have loads of cables.
  • 1500PA suction. This is a reasonable suction power for such a compact vacuum. It won’t always run at this full suction power unless it detects that extra suction is required or you set it to full power.
  • Quiet mode. Run the 30C quietly in the background with the low power setting. Very useful when you need to concentrate.
  • Up to 100 minutes cleaning per charge. (On low power mode)
  • Drop sensors prevent the 30C from driving off the top of the stairs.
  • Comes with a remote and charging dock. The Vacuum will automatically dock (and charge) when it’s finished cleaning or the power is low.
  • Slim body. This vacuum will fit under most obstacles like sofas and coffee tables. Great to clean all those hard to reach places.

Here’s the remote control which is handy to quickly control your Eufy Vacuum.

Remote settings:

eufy review
  • Top left – This is the home button and will send the 30C home to charge on its docking station.
  • Top right – Power setting. Press this to change the suction power of the 30C. There are 3 different power modes.
  • Centre button – Start and stop. Press this to start the 30C cleaning on automatic mode.
  • Direction buttons around the centre button – Use these to drive the 30C manually. This can be useful for getting spots that may have been missed or you just need to quickly clean a spot.
  • A button – Start automatic cleaning mode. Cleans the floors until the battery runs low.
  • Middle right – To the right of the A button is the edge cleaning mode. This will send the 30C round the edge of the room cleaning right up to the skirting boards.
  • Bottom right – this is the 30 minutes clean mode. Ideal if you are popping out and need a quick clean.
  • Bottom left – Spot cleaning. Ideal for when you need a specific spot cleaned. Watch the video below for a demonstration.

The mobile app also features all of the above with a few additional extra settings that will help you find and schedule your RoboVac.

Easily select all the settings from the app, set daily schedules and find your 30C if it gets lost!

What do we love about the Eufy RoboVac 30C?

  • Most importantly, the best selling point of this vacuum is the fact that we could just press a button and the RoboVac would clean the floors for us. We found ourselves spending 15-20 minutes a day cleaning the floors in our house so this was a very welcome gadget.
  • The price point was very reasonable when comparing to others on the market. We also found a £40 Eufy discount code so this made it all the more appealing.
  • Feature rich. This model isn’t by any means the top end but comes with plenty of features and settings which are all available on either the remote of from your smart device. See below for more detail.
  • Powerful suction. We’ve never owned a Robo Vac before so were a little unsure what to expect. This model however doesn’t disappoint. It’s powerful and doesn’t struggle getting the floor as clean as we could using our G-Tech AirRam.
  • Docking station is a must have. This model will automatically find its docking station when it’s finished cleaning or the battery is low. Once docked it will charge the battery. One less thing to worry about.
  • Edge cleaning mode is great for cleaning along all the skirting boards.
  • WiFi control is great. Not only can I turn the 30C on from anywhere in the world but it also notifies me when there is an issue. For example if it gets stuck on a cable of something blocks the spinners then it will send a notification to my phone.
  • Hard floor and carpet cleaning. 30C will easily transition between hard and carpeted flooring. We have mostly hard flooring throughout our house with a few rugs which isn’t a problem for this vacuum.

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What are we not so keen on?

With all of these great pros to the Eufy RoboVac 30C lets take a look at a few of the bits we’re not so keen on:

  • You’ll need to remove small objects and cables from the floor because Eufy 30C will get tangled in them. We used the magnetic strips under our desk but we still need to be careful as we tend to use our laptops around the house and can forget to move the power supplies.
  • Low hanging curtains and lightweight rugs can be an issue. You’ll need to tie back low hanging curtains and remove lightweight rugs as Eufy will get stuck on them.
  • It’s not going to clean your stairs. You’ll need another vacuum for the stairs and tight areas that Eufy can’t go. You’ll want to invest in a powerful handheld vacuum of some sort. Eufy also sell these here.
  • If you have more than one floor in your house you will need to carry Eufy to another level to clean. It then can’t find it’s way home afterwards so you’ll need to carry it back.
  • Sometimes Eufy will push its docking station out of place when cleaning and then cannot find its way home when done. You’ll want to fix this in place with some Bluetac or double sided tape.
  • It still requires a bit of maintenance. The filters, sweepers and rollers all need to be cleaned and replaced at some point. At the moment I empty and clean the Eufy about once a fortnight. This involves the supplied cleaning tool to pull out hairs and other stuck objects from the roller. It’s not the nicest of jobs. You’ll also need to replace the filters and sweepers every 3-6 months. Luckily these are quite cheap at about £10 for a pack of 3 of each.
  • Probably should have invested a little more for the RoboVac G30 which comes with Smart Dynamic Navigation. This basically maps out your house and follows a set path to clean effectively. Our 30C model doesn’t have this feature and can be a bit random in its cleaning path. It has been known to miss part of the house from time to time. This isn’t a major issue as you can control the vacuum to the missed spots if required. There is also a spot cleaning function which tells the 30C to spin and clean one space in your room.


So in summary we love the Eufy RoboVac 30C as it takes away one of those daily chores and saves us about 2 hours a week that we can spend doing other more fun things. We still have our GTech AirRam and handheld combo for the tight spots and the stairs but Eufy takes care of everything else. Given the choice we probably would have purchased the G30 instead, purely because of the room/house mapping feature. We’ve never had an issue with the waste capacity so going for the larger 30C Max doesn’t seem necessary.

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