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Eufy Video Doorbell 2K review + £40 discount code

We purchased the Eufy video door 2K in November 2020, just over 5 months ago and we’ve now had a chance to really test it out and get to know it. This honest review will highlight what we love about the system and include some of the features we’re not so keen on.

Eufy 2K wired and battery doorbell camera

Our home recently went through a bit of a transformation in that we’ve added a porch and converted our garage into a 4th bedroom/living space so we thought we’d invest into a new doorbell. Well, it’s actually our first doorbell as we didn’t have one previously, just a door knocker and we knew this might not be so good with the addition of the porch. We might not hear it. I also spend a fair bit of time in my workshop at the end of the garden so this system seemed ideal as it rings on your smart phone as well as the standard chime inside the house.

Eufy have a few different options available when it comes to their security doorbell systems so it’s good to know the key differences between them before you invest. After navigating the Eufy website I found that there isn’t an easy comparison available so I’ve summarised the key features below to make things easier for you . Here is what I found.

There are 4 different options to choose from under the doorbell section:

  1. Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered)
  2. Video Doorbell 2K (Wired)
  3. Video Doorbell 2K (add-on unit)
  4. Video Doorbell 1080p (Battery-Powered)

Video doorbell 2K (battery-powered)

Firstly the Battery-Powered 2K doorbell actually offers two power options as standard. You can hard wire it into the house electrics or you can run it off batteries. Whilst the battery powered option offers a simplified installation you will need to change the batteries every 180 days (half a year). Not ideal for those who like to have a worry free installation. If you already have an existing powered doorbell then you can utilise the cables from this.

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Eufy doorbell camera

2K resolution is a step up from the 1080p model with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, or 1440p. This is a noticeable improvement when viewing live videos or recorded data.

This model also comes with a home hub within the kit, which acts as the doorbell ringer, data storage and a central home hub that you can attach more Eufy security items to, like the security cameras for example.

So if your thinking of adding additional units to your home security system, this is the doorbell for you.

Video doorbell 2K (wired)

This is the stand alone unit that works purely as a video doorbell. It doesn’t come with a home hub so you won’t be able to add any additional security cameras to it. The doorbell stores footage within the unit itself and connects wirelessly to a plug in ringer within your house. It also connects wirelessly to your internet and smart devices so you can still answer the doorbell from anywhere in the world.

The internal ringer simply plugs into an existing power socket in your house which simplifies the installation somewhat and you can use the existing doorbell wires outside for the power source.

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Video doorbell 1080 (battery-powered)

Main differences here are the lower resolution, a lower battery life of about 120 days and the unit itself is is a bit smaller. This unit doesn’t come with a home base so adding additional cameras isn’t an option. All data is stored on the device itself which can be accessed via Wi-Fi. You can link it up on battery mode or hard wire it with an existing doorbell wire. The doorbell ringer is a simple plug in device that fits into any power socket within the house.

Eufy doorbell 2K battery powered review

Installation & Setup

Installation of the doorbell camera was actually carried out by our electrician as we wanted to hard wire it into our mains. This required a 4 – 124v doorbell wire. I did however attach it to the wall with the supplied 15 degree wall plate. This required a hammer action multi drill and a little precise drilling into the brick wall. The homebase is simply plugged into a power socket near your router and then linked via the provided ethernet cable.

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The hub (home base) acts as the doorbell ringer, file storage and central link between doorbell and smart devices.

Easy to setup? I would say it’s not overly complicated to link the camera to your WI-Fi and setup with your smart devices. The instructions are clearly written and easy to follow. You’ll need to download the Eufy Security app on your smart device (phone or tablet) and sign up for an account before you get started. You can then follow the simple in app instructions to complete the setup.

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Some hints and tips

Although this camera has a battery powered option, with the built in battery, I would recommend hard wiring the camera. This just makes life a little easier. If however you must use it on battery only be prepared to charge the built in battery every 5 months or so. (depending on settings) The only way to charge this is to remove the unit from the wall and charge it off the homebase with the provided USB cable. Whilst doing this you will however not have a working doorbell. This can take 6 hours (0 – 100%)

Try and mount the camera in a suitable place where you will get a good field of view. The camera does have a good wide angled lens but to get the most of it you will need to consider where it is mounted. Try and get it at eye level and in a location that has a good view of someone at your front door and the driveway.

Here are some in app video images

Eufy security app video
Landscape mode

Remember this isn’t just a smart doorbell, it’s also a security camera that records any kind of movement on you property. It has an intelligent AI system that can detect the difference between humans and animals and can even sense when humans are crying! Yes it can detect crying. Although this feature is designed for the indoor baby monitors.

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The app and features

The app is feature packed with loads of settings to adjust the camera, ringer and detection levels. Take a look through some of these images to see whats on offer.

  • Eufy doorbell app settings
  • Eufy doorbell app settings 2
  • Eufy doorbell app settings 3
  • Eufy doorbell app settings 4
  • Eufy doorbell app settings 5
  • Eufy doorbell app settings 6
  • Eufy doorbell app settings 7
  • Eufy doorbell app settings 8
  • Eufy doorbell app settings 9

What we’re not so keen on

All in all this is a great system but there are two small things that could be improved.

We’ve noticed that when answering the doorbell on a good 4G cellular connection it’s very difficult to communicate with the person at the doorbell. On a couple of occasions we have answered to delivery men at the door. One was completely incoherent and the other was a challenge trying to ask the courier to leave the parcel in the porch.

Secondly we’ve noticed a slight delay in the auto recording function to start. Whilst this is only about 2-5 seconds it can sometimes be enough to miss something.

Notifications can sometimes be delayed. I spend a lot of time in my workshop at the end of the garden and rely on the doorbell notifications on my phone. On a couple of occasions the notifications have come through nearly 5 minutes after the time of the event. Strange!

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We are very happy with our video doorbell. The picture is super clear, we can access footage from multiple devices (phones and iPads), the device auto records with motion detection, records sound as well as HD images, it takes still images on request, we can answer the door from anywhere in the world and best of all, it’s fully customisable.

I will certainly be adding some more security cameras to the system at a later date and would happily recommend it to friends and family. It has a couple of small downfalls but hopefully Eufy will address these with future updates.

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