Exterior improvements that will boost your home’s value

It is crucial that your home has kerb appeal if you are trying to sell it or prospective buyers might not even bother to come in. More than 70% of people looking for homes said in a recent survey that if the outside did not look good, they were not too hopeful of the inside condition. Whether you are selling your home or not, the outside is the first thing people see and that can leave a good or bad impression that will always stay with them. There are several things that you can do to give your home the kerb appeal it needs, and they do not all cost a fortune.

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Put your garden in order

It does not matter how good your home looks if the garden is a mess. Lawns that need mowing and weeds growing in any flowerbeds and through gaps in paving slabs will make the whole effect shabby. Cut your grass, get rid of the weeds and if any slabs are looking a bit sorry for themselves, try pressure washing them to bring them back to life. Trim any shrubs so that people trying to get to your front door do not have to push their way past them.

Research has shown that if the landscaping around your home looks good it can increase the value by up to 20% and make it sell quicker.

Add a carport

Being able to park on the property is always an added advantage but not every home has enough room for a garage. Even some of those that do have garages use them for things other than their cars, or they are a two-car family. The simple answer is carports.

Carports are very good at protecting your car from the extremes of the weather, and as long as yours is well made, and of course you have sufficient space, it will add value and kerb appeal to your home. The types of carport you can have fitted is determined by the space you have, but they are not an overly expensive item and can make a great difference to how good your home looks.  Just don’t try to build one yourself, unless you are a professional, as they can easily look amateurish – like a rickety wooden shelter!  Instead, a professional company will create one that blends in with your home and enhances its appeal.

Get rid of peeling paint

Paint peeling off your front door, garage doors or windows frames does not create a good impression at all. You need to make sure that all the paintwork is in good order, and if the wood is warped or very old perhaps consider some replacements.

Your front door, for instance, says a lot about you and your home. It is the first thing people walk through when visiting and the last thing they see as they leave. It is estimated that a good front door will more than pay for itself with the increase in value to your home.

With your windows, apart from the paintwork being bad, if they are single glazed you should replace them. Buyers see double-glazed windows as an energy saving addition, and although you may not recover the full cost of them, they will certainly make your home easier to sell.

Check gutters for blockages

Make sure your gutters are not blocked as if the water cannot reach the drains it will seep down your walls and leave dirty water marks.  Anyone seeing this will not be sure if it is just a blocker gutter or a much bigger problem, so do not have this thought put in their minds. Clean the gutters and then pressure wash the outside of your home to remove any unsightly stains that a blockage may have caused.  However, before you start to operate your pressure washer, make sure to check out this pressure washer psi chart to help you with the cleaning.

If you do find a problem, it is worth checking the interior walls in the same place, as sometimes, especially if the gutter has been blocked for a while, the water will have seeped through the brickwork and stained the inside walls too.

If your gutters are fine and you still have watermarks, it’s perhaps time to have your roof checked out. Replacing an entire roof is costly, but often a minor repair is all that is needed.

Add a fence for security

It does depend on the type of property you have and the regulations where you live. However, if you are allowed to, adding a fence can make your property look and feel more secure. Low fences are not usually a problem, and with many councils, you can have one up to 4ft tall without seeking permission, sometimes even 6ft. Any higher than that you may well have to speak with your local planning department first.

As fencing is relatively cheap, you can expect to recoup the full cost when selling your home.  You will want to shop around for a fence installation contractor to get the best price.

Fencing can also serve other purposes than just security. If you have young children or pets, then a fence will keep them safely in your garden. If you live on a busy street, it can also act as a noise barrier.

Make your home a smart home

Add some automation to your home, such as smart locks that can operate from a smartphone. A camera to view who is at the front door is an addition prospective buyers like as well.

It seems that homes with a few smart additions are very popular at the moment, and although you will have some initial outlay you should more than recoup your investment.  They will particularly appeal to the younger generation who are seeking a modern and smart ready home.

Polish the brass

Whatever metal your door handles and knocker is made of, make sure they are polished and clean. It can be really off-putting having to hold a handle that is dirty, and many prospective purchasers will not want to do that. The same applies to any other metal things on the outside of your home. If there are exposed hinges, for instance, make sure they are clean too.  First impressions count!

Make it look good

As you can see from these suggestions there are several ways to improve the exterior of your home. Some of the jobs you will be able to do yourself, but for others, you should bring in professionals. Windows, for instance, should be fitted by trade’s people that know what they are doing, and the same applies if you decide to add a porch.  You may need to provide a certificate for the work when selling if it’s a bigger job like windows or a porch.

If you are unsure about any alteration or addition when you are selling your home, speak to estate agents to find out more, as they are the experts when it comes to knowing which things are worth investing in and which things are not, particularly for your local area.

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  1. Great advise! I have a house currently for sale. I have used many of your thoughts and validated them against my own. It is amazing in this hotter than most market what people will put up with. My house is not perfect but.. it does not have paint pealing all over. As an example… it makes my house and the asking price stick out as more reasonable. All good advice here. Thank you.

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