Fire pit haven: creating a place to relax at night

Are you the type of person that only uses their garden during the spring and summer? It’s hot and the days are long so why not sit outside with a nice snack and watch the clouds drift by. That’s all well and good but the garden is a large part of your property and yet you only use it 6 months out of the year.

That’s such a waste of money and land, surely there is a way to get you outside in the colder months?  And there is – the old saviour that is fire comes to your rescue. Let’s be honest the only reason why more of us don’t venture outside is because it’s cold and although we love our garden, we’re not going to sit outside during the evening or night. I’m exactly the same and I hate being cold.  I have a plan though.  A way to enjoy being outside in your garden, even when it’s freezing cold.   To do this, you need to create a fire pit in your garden along with seating around it.

How to create a cosy fire pit area in your garden

Fire pit haven creating a place to relax at night


Fire pit haven

Rather than clear the lawn away, or move some stones to create your fire pit, you can dig straight into the ground for a larger and deeper fire pit that blends into the existing environment. If you go deeper then you can use more wood on the fire and create a larger flame. It’s also much safer since the pit is in the earth. After you have used a digger to move all the soil away, then you can lift and set your fire pit into your garden. For that you’ll need something like all terrain cranes which can drive onto land and remain stable. The fire pit disc can be lifted and placed into the garden with a crane that can easily handle 30 tons.  Alternatively you can buy a smaller free-standing

Around the fire

There’s something about sitting around a fire with family and friends that makes us feel comfortable. Maybe it’s because it harks back to our tribal days where we needed to be together through the cold and wet and enjoyed each other’s company and fire-cooked food together. Stone blocks are a great choice for some rough seating, for those that want to sit upright or perhaps lean forward. That can be for half the circle, while the other half can be cushioned seating such as a lounge chair. Keeping it simple with a wooden chair is also a good idea if you know it will rain a lot where you live. Wicker chairs are also a fantastic choice as they’re cheap, lightweight and strong. They also allow you to form your own padding and cushions to suit your own comfort.  Whether you are looking for proper campfire seating or something a little more luxurious, there is a type of seat to suit every taste and budget.

Fuelling the flame

When you’re sitting around the fire for hours, you don’t want to have to get up to keep the flame going. At the least you don’t want to have to travel far. A firewood storage box with some netting is a cheap and cheerful choice. You could also have a little shed that is for storing logs, if you wish to have a lot of firewood ready in waiting. This takes up more space however so measure where it will be in your garden before buying or make your own with my guide on how to make your own wood store.

A fire pit drags people closer to it. It’s a place you can hang out, eat some food and drink hot cocoa while watching the stars twinkle in the night sky.  Perfect!

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