Floor tiles that look like wood

Floor tiles that look like wood

When choosing the floor for your home, it’s important you don’t rush into a choice and take time to select the perfect option. 

Replacing a home’s flooring is a pricey improvement and not something that is easy to replace if you change your mind regularly.

So which flooring is the best choice and will stand the test of time?

You’ve probably heard that hard flooring is all the rage nowadays.  It’s easy to clean and can look good as new for decades providing you buy a premium product. It can even improve the value of your home as many buyers prefer hard floors to carpet nowadays.

There’s nothing quite as charismatic as a home with real wood flooring.  However, you may be worried about the maintenance of real wood flooring which can be off-putting when making this choice.  Plus the possibility of boards warping or splitting due to changes in temperature and humidity.

There is a solution.

If you love the look of natural wood, but want something that’s even easier to maintain and manage then wood effect floor tiles are ideal.  Looking just like the real deal, wood effect flooring has come a long way from the cheap obvious looking fake wood floors of times past.  Nowadays it’s hard to tell the difference between wood effect flooring and real wood.

Wood effect floor tiles are made from ceramic or porcelain tiles.  They are much harder wearing than wood flooring and can offer great interior design for your home both inside and out.

Read on for your options when it comes to wood effect floor tiles and how to use them throughout your home.

Floor tiles that look like wood

Wood effect floor tiles for the garden

Recently when shopping for our own porcelain garden tiles, we were amazed by the selection of wood effect tiles made out of porcelain for outdoors.

Whilst you might naturally opt for real wood elements when landscaping, wood effect tiles have a lot of benefits that ensure their longevity and they should really be considered more. 

Not only will they resist warping and rotting, but they are fade resistant and need little maintenance other than a quick clean every once in a while.  They don’t require sanding, painting or staining to keep them looking great.

If you want a garden that’s easy to care for, but still looks natural, then wood effect tiles are your new best friend!

Floor tiles that look like wood

Bring nature indoors with wood effect tiles

Bringing natural elements into the home not only creates a warm and welcoming environment, but it can promote calm and boost mood to be surrounded by things that come from nature.

Wooden flooring really gives a homely feel indoors.  It instantly makes a house feel cosy.  You can opt for rustic style tiles or feature flooring with a timeless edge like parquet.

Whilst wood effect tiles look just like wood, they are created with low maintenance porcelain or ceramic which is ever so easy to care for and naturally repels water.  This makes it an ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms, where other hard flooring choices may not be so suited.

Floor tiles that look like wood

Not just for floors

Don’t forget, we’re talking about tiles here, so they’re not just for floors!  You can easily create beautiful feature walls using wood effect tiles to bring uniqueness to your home.

Another way to use wood effect tiles is to style them floor to ceiling in bathrooms to create a contemporary look – just like how you’d use large stone tiles from floor to ceiling to give a bathroom a luxurious spa feel.

Floor tiles that look like wood

Modern and traditional designs available

With real wooden flooring you are limited in the colours and designs available: after all, you can only choose what nature produces.  With wood effect tiles the options are almost limitless!

The wood effect is printed on the tile giving a huge variety of colours, textures and patterns to choose from.  You’ll be spoilt for choice!

From natural looking wood tones to contemporary greys or bright whites, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you desire.

From practicality to endless interior design uses, it’s no wonder wood effect tiles were one of the biggest flooring trends of 2020!

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