Fun kitchen DIY to try this weekend

The kitchen is the heart of the home and it is a room where many will entertain and chat while they cook dinner for their family and friends. If you want your kitchen to look its best for the New Year, here are some fun DIY projects you can do this weekend to liven up the place and make it more fun for 2019.


Photo by Suzy Hazelwood

Hanging herb garden

Everyone loves the taste and smell of herbs, and if you want to plant any this year in your home there is no better place than the kitchen. If you have some hanging plant pots or a small trough which you can use in the kitchen this weekend, it can be a great idea to hang these on the wall of the kitchen and add your favourite herbs. Planting herbs is fun and it means that whenever you are cooking you can add the freshest herbs to your dishes to wow your guests.

DIY splashback

If you spend a lot of time looking in the IKEA magazine and looking at Creative Design Kitchens for inspiration, one idea you might have had is to create a colourful splashback behind the oven. You can make one of these yourself with a large piece of acrylic in a funky colour, or you can simply tile behind the cooker in some fun colours to bring life to the kitchen. It is a simple job and one which can really change the atmosphere of the room. I especially like all-white kitchens with a multi-coloured or patterned splashback.

Marble coasters

If you are looking for a way to use up some leftover tiles you have from your other projects around the house, a great idea for you would be to make some watercolour marble coasters. All you need is some room temperature water, a plastic container, nail varnish and a toothpick. Drop some nail varnish into the water and layer up a few different colours. Use the toothpick to swirl the colours around. Now place your tile face down over the nail varnish, and use the toothpick to gather the remaining varnish and get rid of it. Let it dry, add a top coat and voila!

Clever cupboard storage

If you ever open your cupboard door and things fly out to attack you, you definitely need to make sure that you do something about it. You can use plastic file holders and stick them on the inside of your cupboard doors to store bottles and utensils. You can also use small sucker hooks to hold pan lids in place. Have some fun being smart with your storage and it will make a massive difference to the kitchen.

Fun coffee jars

Now, last but not least is the easiest DIY of all and it simply involves having 3 old coffee jars, some chalk paint and a chalk marker. Clean out the coffee jars and make sure there is no residue from the sticker left on the jars. Once dry, create a rectangle with masking tape and paint inside with chalk paint. Let dry and now you can write on the jar with coffee, tea and sugar!   This is also a great idea to do with smaller jars to create pots for herbs for the window sill and you just add the name of the herb in chalk.

fun kitchen diy to try this weekend

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