G-Tech AirRam 2 review

In this day and age the majority of our household appliances and tools are now available in a mains free, battery powered form.  This provides freedom to move without the restrictions of a power cord and makes everyday jobs and chores that little bit more bearable.

One of my favourite has to be the invention of the cordless vacuum cleaner.  Gone are the days of plugging into an outlet and cleaning across the house until suddenly everything stops and you’ve pulled the electrical outlet socket right off the wall! Thankfully this has never happened but you know where I’m coming from.


Last year we decided to take this leap and invest in our own little bit of freedom and buy the G-Tech AirRam 2.  We probably spend about 2 hours a week (20 minutes a day) vacuuming the house so the £200 price tag seemed very reasonable and a justifiable expense.  A year on and we’ve given the AirRam a good run for its money and here’s the final verdict.

Overall we love the AirRam.  It’s light, small, powerful and lasts for a good 40 minutes before the battery requires charging.  The battery life was a major concern for me when we purchased this vacuum but I happy to say the battery life hasn’t deteriorated much from when it was new.  I’d say we easily get enough from one charge for a complete run of the whole house.  We love the fact that it’s so portable, no more lugging around a heavy, clumsy, bulky appliance.  Simply pick up with one hand, take to the desired location, extend the handle and press the bower button with your foot.

So what was I not so keen on?  Not much really but it may be obvious for some, the AirRam is missing a couple of key features some of its rivals have.  One being an extendable hose. Hoses are useful for reaching those hard to reach places and the AirRam falls short of this. To get round this, G-Tech also sell the handheld ‘Multi’ which comes with a number of accessories to get into those nooks and crannies.  The pair can be purchased together for £300.

It also doesn’t always pick up everything right at the edges of kitchen cupboards. So the Multi is needed.

I also find the waste capacity isn’t as large as its rivals which means you’ll need to empty it more often.

The stairs…  Whilst the AirRam can be used on the stairs, it’s a little awkward.  This is where the Multi comes into play again.  It comes with a wide brush head to easily and quickly wiz down the stairs.

The final verdict from us is that the AirRam is a great innovative product that makes the everyday cleaning task much easier, and when it’s all done we can tuck it away out of sight. More importantly, it does a good job, it’s not light on suction and delivers a clean result on both hard and soft floors. Both vacuums are needed to do a really good job. img_8800I would recommend buying both the AirRam and Multi together so that you get the best of both worlds.

G-Tech also produce a number other innovative cordless products for the home and a company worth keeping an eye on in the future.

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g-tech airram 2 review

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