Give your living room a modern feel with these 5 upgrades

The living room is the one room in the house that we entertain, eat, relax and sometimes, sleep. It’s the main room in the house that most of us spend our spare time in, so it makes sense that we create an atmosphere that is perfect for us to relax in. If your lounge doesn’t have the right feel to it, you could find that it’s not somewhere that you want to stay.

However, there are plenty of things that you can do to upgrade your living room to make it a more aesthetically pleasing space that will make you take a moment each day to appreciate. Below, you’ll find five tips to give you a more modern and satisfying space that you want to be in.

Give your living room a modern feel with these 5 upgrades



You need to make the maximum impact possible and the best thing that you can do for your living room is declutter it. You can really hit the spot when you declutter, because you suddenly free up the space that you didn’t know you had by putting things away and giving your possessions a home. Over time, it’s easy to fill all the available space with stuff but this becomes a hindrance very quickly.  Decluttering and creating a more minimal space will make the room feel larger and more airy.  Having less décor means the pieces you do have become focal points instead of just blending in with lots of stuff and barely getting noticed at all.

Forget the carpet

You’d think that having a carpet in the living room is a good thing, until the years go by and hundreds of steps of foot traffic starts to wear your flooring down.  Carpets can quickly begin to look grubby, especially if you have a light colour.  Modernising is all about change, and vinyl plank at Carpet One can give your lounge that modern feel. It’s not a small job, but it’s one that can completely transform the look of the room.  Other options include stone tiles for a holiday feel or wooden floors to create cosiness.  You can still bring textiles and warmth to a hard floor with rugs which are much easier to clean and cheaper to replace when worn.


Living rooms often need enough natural light to allow you to see well throughout the day.  Natural light is a mood booster and will of course save on lighting bills. But for the evenings, how about installing a dimmer switch?  During a romantic evening, you can lower the lights to help you set a mood, and when you need to work on your laptop, you can brighten the space to help you see. Swapping your light fixtures for spotlights can also help to modernise and effectively light the whole room.


Long gone are the times of terracotta walls that offset a beige; you need to lighten up. Swap your colour scheme for something lighter and brighter; going all white is a popular theme right now because you can add pops of colour with your accessories.  I can’t imagine that white will ever go out of fashion.  It will make your home seem brighter, larger and cleaner.  Plus the biggest benefit is being able to use any accent colour with white for the décor.  This can easily be changed too as you won’t have to worry about redecorating the walls if they are white.   The colour scheme alone can totally change the way that your living room looks.


You can make your living room look far more upgraded by adding floor plants in an oversized seagrass woven basket.  Hanging plants are also very popular right now using simple macramé designed rope from the ceiling.  Plants will purify the air, bring nature into your home and also act as a form of décor.   They will naturally uplift you and make you feel good.  They could even set the colour theme for the rest of the room to create a calm and serene environment to live in.

The lounge should be a place that you want to spend your time, and the more that you work on it, the better you feel about it. Make your living room the modern space you crave, and you’ll also improve the value and desirability of your home too.

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Give your living room a modern feel with these 5 upgrades

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