Giving your bathroom a vintage makeover

Vintage is a look that has long been popular in interior design. There are many different interpretations of vintage style, yet on the whole it creates an ambience that is elegant and it can fill the room with personality. If a vintage bathroom appeals to you, read on to discover some great tips for creating this look…

Install a large detached porcelain tub

Standalone tubs are a must if you want to create a true vintage feel, as they hearken back to a period when indoor plumbing was scarce. Consequently, it was very rare to find built-in tubs in bathrooms, which is why they work against vintage design. Smooth porcelain is recommended, as this was one of the most popular materials back in the day, largely because of the fact that it was easy to clean. There are lots of different styles you can go for, but a claw-foot tub is certainly one that should be considered.

Giving your bathroom a vintage makeover


Old school fittings and fixtures

It’s the little things that truly make a difference, especially when it comes to character-filled interior designs, such as vintage. Pay particular attention to the faucets you purchase, as well as light switches and such like. These elements should be of a period design. Copper end feed fittings also work really well for any type of exposed pipework you have in the bathroom. Of course, whatever you do, make sure everything fits in together.

Install a toilet boasting a detached chain handle and tank

The earliest toilets had a separate tank and bowl, they were not in-built as you see with toilets nowadays. Instead, the tank usually hung high up on the wall and a long metal chain was attached to it. By opting for this style of toilet you can instantly create a vintage feel in your bathroom.

Choose dull metals

Getting your choice of metal right is imperative if you want to give your bathroom a vintage makeover. You should look for metals that are dull in their appearance. Good examples include the likes of oiled bronze, nickel, copper and wrought iron. If you go for something that is shiny, such as chrome, you will create a contemporary feel.

Opt for a pedestal sink

As mentioned earlier, if you rewind the clock, the lack of indoor plumbing meant that detached tubs were the only option.  The same notion is applied when taking into account the popularity of pedestal sinks. There are lots of different stunning pedestal sinks available on the market today. It largely depends on what era you are looking to recreate when it comes to picking the right one for you. If you are going for a Craftsman look, pick a sink with a straight-edged boxy design. Or, if you are looking to generate a bathroom reminiscent of the Victorian era, go for a pedestal sink with a curvy design.

So there you have it: some useful tips on creating a beautiful, vintage luxurious bathroom! If you follow the steps above, you can’t go wrong.

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