Great space saving ideas for children’s bedrooms

Over time, children accumulate toys, loads of toys, which take up space throughout the house, especially their bedrooms.  This constant routine of clearing out unused toys plays an important task, but when things become loved and difficult to move on from, what can we do to increase storage options and maximise play space?

Children’s rooms, more often than not, tend to be the smaller rooms in the house, simply because mum and dad naturally get first pick.  So, with this smaller living space and steadily increasing number of toys, what can we do to maximise the play space in and around the furniture?

Have a clear-out

Firstly, I believe the most important task will be to clear, recycle and donate as many toys as possible to charity.  However difficult it may seem, you can’t even begin to think about these other ideas when there is so much clutter.  You’ll also feel much better once this task has been completed, with a clear mind and room to think.

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Arranging furniture efficiently

Think about the room layout.  Maximise the space you have by cleverly arranging furniture.  Sometimes it helps to have a scale drawing of the room and scale cut out furniture that you can move around to find the best fit.  Take into consideration doorways, windows, radiators, alcoves and any unusual wall shapes that may constrict where items of furniture can go.  This will allow you to easily try different configurations without having to move bulk furniture around the room itself.

Bespoke furniture

Consider bespoke made furniture.  Whilst bespoke made furniture can be a little more expensive, it’s worth considering as you can have something made to fit perfectly into small, awkward or unusual spaces.  Get in touch with me if you’re local to Gloucestershire or similar businesses near you to see what’s possible.

Mid sleepers

Beds are one of the largest pieces of furniture in a room that you can’t live without.  There are a number of different styles and types on the market, but to really help increase floor space you might want to consider a mid or high sleeper to allow storage, desk and seating space underneath.  There’s a great range of mid sleeper beds at Children’s Bed Shop.

Cube storage

Create a storage wall or storage seating space.  By simply combining cube storage shelving you can build a tidy, colourful place to store all those toys and other items.  They allow you to be a little bit creative with the layout as they mix and match.  Even the kids will want to get involved with organising the colourful storage boxes and help keep their rooms tidy.  We decided to create a seating area for our daughter using these shelving units which she uses to sit and read her books.

Dual purpose furniture

 Try to make use of furniture that can have more than one use like sofa beds, desks that double up as extra seating and tables that fold up into shelving on the wall.  There are some great inspirational ideas all over the web but I love this article on Homedit.  If you have a little imagination and a bit of creativity you can really make a huge difference in even the smallest of spaces.  Also look into what architects are doing for small apartments in China and other overcrowded cities where tiny living spaces need to be maximised.

Don’t forget to add a personal touch

It can be easy to get tied up in hiding everything in the room that it begins to lack any personality with everything put away and out of sight.  You can still create a unique and fun bedroom without having stuff everywhere and not using any of the bedroom space.  The walls are a great place for this with personalised wall art and framed prints from JR Decal.  By decorating the walls you can keep the kids rooms fun and colourful, but tidy and space saving at the same time.

Less mess, more play

Hopefully with these ideas you’ll be able to make a start on your busy bedrooms and help free up that all important activity space for your active kids, whilst still keeping the bedroom personalised to them.

We’ve implemented a couple of these ideas already for our two little ones and the results are quite amazing.  The kids feel free to move around their rooms and have room to play with plenty of toys.  This also helps to keep their toys and mess in their rooms as they have more playing space, without it creeping out into the rest of the house!  Win for them, win for us.

Space saving ideas for kids room

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