Hate gardening?  These tips for a low maintenance garden will make your life easier

Gardening is either one of those things you really love to do and enjoy as a hobby, or you really detest and find it a chore.

Although, there are also those of us who really wish we had a passion for gardening and pottering about in our outdoor space, but with kids and a full-time job we simply don’t have the time.

For me I have little spare time and I really don’t want to spend it gardening, so a low maintenance garden is the perfect solution whilst I have a young family, am career focused and would rather spend my spare time at the gym or travelling.

I do love nature and the outdoors, don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t have the time to dedicate to making the perfect garden right now.

So whether you are short on time or you really hate gardening, here are some ideas for a low maintenance garden that won’t take up all of your precious time:

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Less grass

A luscious lawn is definitely appealing, but it never stops growing, particularly in the summer months!  If you don’t fancy lugging a lawnmower up and down every week in the warmer months, then consider less grass in your garden.   Add patios and decking for different textures and sections in the garden.

No grass

Another option is no grass at all!  Artificial grass and fake lawns are becoming more popular for those who still like the look of grass and the greenery, but simply want an easy to look after outdoor space.  This fake grass doesn’t need mowing as it doesn’t grow!  It just needs brushing off and perhaps even washing every now and then.  It’s the ultimate solution if you want a stress-free low maintenance garden that still looks like it has grass.

Cordless lawnmower

One of the most frustrating aspects of gardening is the challenge of the cord when mowing the lawn; plugging in extension leads, the lawnmower turning off when you go too far and pull it out the socket, making sure you don’t run over the cord, etc!  Of course you can always choose a petrol lawnmower, but that’s not very environmentally friendly.  Instead, there are now electric cordless options which means you can forget the hassle of the cord and run it off 100% renewable energy.

Robotic lawnmower

Now, if you want real grass but you don’t want to mow it, then I even have an option for you!  There are now automatic robotic lawnmowers which will mow your lawn without you having to lift a finger!  How clever!  If you’re shopping online for a lawn mower then don’t forget to check out a website such as Latest Deals to find the best prices and offers from top retailers.

Plant slow growing plants and succulents

If you don’t want to be outside cutting back bushes constantly, then opt for slower growing plants and even succulents.  Succulents require very little care at all; in fact they rarely even need watering.  If bushes and flowers freak you out, with their never-ending potential maintenance then a cactus and succulent garden could be your perfect low maintenance solution.

Use evergreens

To keep a garden looking beautiful all year round and without too much effort, use a variety of evergreens.  These will keep your garden green all year long.

Make watering easy

If you do have some plants and flowers then they’ll need watering during hot and dry spells.  To make this much easier, you’ll want to ensure you have access to water outdoors.  Install an outside tap if you don’t already have one, as well as a water butt to save money and reuse rainwater.  Ben reviewed the Verve auto rewind garden hose and this saves so much time as we no longer have to wind the hose back in ourselves – it retracts automatically!

Make the maintenance easy

To make sure you’re not feeling frustrated every time you need to do some work in the garden, you should ensure you have a shed or suitable storage for your garden tools.  Make sure they are easy for you to access and grab in a flash without having to dig through piles of clutter!  Keeping everything organised and tidy will ensure any garden tasks are tackled with a less stressed mind.

If a high maintenance garden isn’t for you, then hopefully these tips will help you begin to plan a much more low maintenance outdoor space that you can begin to enjoy rather than dread!

Hate gardening_ These tips for a low maintenance garden will make your life easier.png

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