Hazards you shouldn’t ignore at home

If we fail to maintain our homes properly, this could mean dangerous repercussions for not only for our home but for our health too.  There are some things in the home that can prove hazardous if not maintained properly or if discovered issues are not resolved promptly.

For some guidance on a few areas of the house to pay attention to, to ensure you and your family are safe within your four walls, here a few things to look out for in and around your residence.


Hazards you shouldn’t ignore at home

Although this appliance is generally regarded as being an expensive item in the home to replace, it’s surprising how little attention it receives until there is an issue with the boiler that can’t be ignored.  You’d think we’d take greater care maintaining our boilers with yearly checks to ensure their longevity and prevent a costly replacement.  But many of us fail to have them reviewed annually.

You may be familiar with this yourself and perhaps you too have only taken the boiler into consideration when the hot water has ceased to exist or it’s broken down in another way.  This is usually when panic swiftly follows and you call Emergency Plumbers Enfield in hopes they will rectify the issue immediately.

Also, keep in mind, the boiler has other ways of indicating to us that our homes need some attention. For instance, if the pressure dial drops over a short period of time, this could mean there is a leak in one of the pipes in the house. Tell-tale signs such as these are easier to fix if your boiler is serviced regularly and you keep an eye on it in passing. 

A yearly ‘health check’ on your boiler could prevent any minor problems from escalating and will also ensure your boiler is safe for you and your household.


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It may be tempting to leave the tumble dryer on when you’re out of the house to get on with your daily errands and most of us do this. However, situations such as this, which are rarely given a second thought, could be detrimental to the safety of your home.

For example, if lint were to get caught in the mechanisms and be exposed to too much heat, the dryer could set on fire.  That’s a pretty scary thoght!

Furthermore, potential hazards are not limited to your tumble dryer, in fact, all appliances should be turned off whenever you are not at home.  Many of us leave things on or set timers for when we are away from home, but in an ideal world and to be safest we should only use appliances in the home when we are present.


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Insects and furry animals are constantly searching for homes to keep sheltered from the elements, to find places with food, to nest and have babies. This is why peoples homes, unfortunately, remain a popular spot for pests to attempt to reside, especially if you make the conditions right for them like leaving crumbs on the floor constantly or not repairing holes in walls that they can get through.

As with most hazards, prevention is better than cure, which is why tightening up your home in the first instance is advised to prevent a pest infestation unfolding.

Also, be mindful if you have pets.  Cats, in particular, are likely to bring mice back as gifts and sometimes they’re still alive. Equally, ticks may cling to your pets’ fur and might bury themselves into your soft furnishings.

Regarding the risk of pests in your home, keep an eye on your pets and an ear out for suspicious sounds. By catching an infestation early, you can help prevent a hazard from unravelling, which could save damage caused to your home, and prevent a trail of bacteria that could be harmful to your health.

So rather than waiting for there to be a drastic change affecting your daily routine before you notice that something might be wrong at home, be mindful of the issues mentioned above and use them as a starting point to consider what else could be a hazard in your home that could be maintained to prevent its risk. You could add a reminder to your calendar to turn off all appliances when leaving the house unattended.  Smart devices for heating can even alert you when you are so far away from your house and I’m sure they will get more clever to allow you to turn appliances off on the go (perhaps they already do).  Also, pay attention to the sounds and smells in your home to stop any pests in their tracks and schedule regular services for your boiler too.

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