Amazing promo codes to save money on home & garden!

Here’s a list of all the discount codes and promotional offers I have available for home, garden and DIY projects or purchases. Simply click on the links to take you directly to the retailer or discount provider. Save loads of money, get free products and more great deals.

We use all of these products or services currently and are happy with each of them. Once you have purchased or signed up for a service, you too can share referral links to get a little back. Read on below to find out more about each and get in touch for any further questions.

But before you get started, if you love saving money and getting free money, check out this amazing chip promo code to get £20 free cash with the cool AI savings app Chip!

Amazing promo codes to save money on home and garden

Hive Active heating – £30 off

Use this promotional code to get £30 off your next order. Buy Hive Active Heating (with hub only), Hive View Indoor or Hive View Outdoor as a new customer, you’ll get £30 off. Hive is a great system that controls a number of households electrical such as your heating, hot water, light bulbs, radiators, plug sockets and more.

Eufy vacuum cleaners and security systems – £40 off

Looking for a robot vacuum to take away that household chore? Then why not try a Eufy vacuum and get £40 off. We’ve had ours now for 6 months and it’s a massive time saver. Simply press “GO” and it cleans your floors. Set cleaning schedules or control the vacuum from your mobile phone, anywhere and it does all the hard work.

We’ve also recently invested in the Eufy camera door bell security system and it’s great. See who’s at the door from your sofa, or if you’re out, communicate with the person from your mobile. You’ll never miss a delivery again!

Get £40 off your next purchase with this referral link:

Top Cashback referral code – Get £5 signup bonus

We use Top CashBack for all our online purchases. Within a couple of years, myself and my wife have accumulated over £2100 in cashback rewards. Simply check their website or install the browser plugin and start saving on all your everyday purchases. Insurance, groceries, home products and services are all applicable so it’s a no brainer. Simply sign up and start saving.

Virgin Media and Virgin Mobile discount code – up to £50 cash

Internet, cable TV, home and mobile phones. We all have them so why not try this discount referral link and get up to £50 cash.

Ironmongery direct – £20 off

If you’re looking for ironmongery then this is the place to do it. Massive stock listings for everything you could imagine for all your DIY or professional needs. Screws, fencing, bathrooms, hinges, cabinets, locks and of course door furniture. Simply follow the link below for a £20 discount on your next order. (over £100)

Eco-friendly homewares at Global 1st

Get 25% off your Global 1st order with discount code LR25

They currently have free shipping if you spend £20, which is easily done!

Both deals combined make a great discount. Do take a look at Global 1st for lots of great gift ideas and eco-friendly homewares.

Click here to shop at Global 1st

£5 off blinds at dotcomblinds

Save £5 off your blinds when you shop at dotcomblinds with my referral link.

Click here to grab your £5 off discount code for dotcomblinds

5% off renewable energy fuels at White Horse Energy

Get 5% off your first order with discount code: woodcreate

White Horse Energy

£8 off Hairpin Leg Company

Grab £8 off your next order from The Hairpin Leg Company with this referral code:

The Hairpin Leg Company referral code

hairpin leg company products

H&M home 10% off

H&M have some lovely home items and you can get 10% off your first order when you sign up as a member. Click here to sign up to H&M!

Happy saving!

That’s it for now but come back for more great deals as I add to this list. If you have any questions then please get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

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Amazing promo codes to save money on home and garden

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