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Hosting: How to make your guests feel at home

Fall is in full swing, which means the start of the house-guest season. It’s that time of the year when friends and family swoop into town to stay with you and enjoy some quality time together. Hosting may seem like a challenge, but the key is organisation and a little hospitality. Preparing for guests is much more than simply providing a place for the visitors. It’s the small things that matter to make them feel welcomed and appreciated while spending time in your home. Here are two major areas to work on to make your overnight guests feel at home, make them want to stay longer or visit again;


Nobody likes to find their host scrambling last minute to get things done after they arrive. Making guests feel cozy is as easy as putting yourself in their shoes and thinking about what you would hope to expect when you stay at someone else’s home. It’s therefore paramount to make sure everything is in tip-top shape.


A comfortable bed and a cozy environment are arguably the most important things you can provide for your guests. Mohd USA is your go-to place for the best guest room beds in the market. They offer the world’s best furniture designers and luxury brands who exemplify top values in great craftsmanship, quality, and sustainability. The bed and mattress collections from Mohd bring a touch of exclusiveness to the guest bedroom to give comfort and a good night’s sleep.


Sometimes the bedding on guest beds can start smelling stale when they go unused for a long time so it’s not a bad idea to wash them before the guests arrive. Make sure the sheets and towels are nice, clean, and aired. Set out plenty of fluffy pillows with extra blankets and comforters.

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The last thing a guest would want to do is seem needy. It’s good to anticipate what your visitors might want and put together a basket with some essentials such as tissues, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioners, some painkillers, a bottle of water, and a glass.


In the age of modern technology, it’s only logical that a charger is a must-have that often guests tend to forget. It will help to equip the guest room with various cords and chargers needed for cell phones, tablets, or laptops.


It’s key to stock the fridge with the type of foods and beverages your guests enjoy. The idea is to make it easy for your guest to grab a quick snack whenever they need. Do a full meal plan before the guest arrive that takes away the guesswork. If the guest list is large, there is nothing wrong with outsourcing some of the food preparation. It’s vital not to stress about the house and food not being perfect.

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Most guests are just happy to be somewhere else other than their usual habitats. When it comes to itinerary planning, have something planned for your guest. You don’t want to invite your friends to visit and have nothing for them to do. This can include a range of activities such as day trips, excursions, or cocktails. Making accurate lists and giving yourself plenty of time for each task will minimize the chaos and help one to tackle the inevitable. The more relaxed you as a host are, the more enjoyable the visit will be.

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