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Housewarming gift ideas for men

Did your little brother finally get his own place? Or did your best friend just start a new chapter of his life and move into his own bachelor pad? Or did your dad move to his own retirement condo?

You will need some serious housewarming gift ideas to wish them well on their new journey in their new home. That’s where it gets tricky, doesn’t it? Men are hard to shop for, and we are often puzzled about what gifts to get them.

gifts for men

Here are six fun and functional housewarming gift ideas that will make him smile.

A word on housewarming gifts in general

Living space comes at a premium these days, especially in Australia’s skyrocketing housing market. We are all more aware of what we fill our living space with, and many of us are making do with fewer square footage than we would like, thanks to deteriorating housing affordability.

On top of the space premium, the new trends on minimalism and mindful consumption are relevant concepts to keep in mind when picking housewarming gifts in Australia. 

So, it is essential to put a little extra thought into the process more than ever. When in doubt, try to pick consumables over collectibles or objects that occupy a lot of space.

Now, let’s get started on the list of six fun housewarming gifts for men.

#1 A do-it-yourself kit

If the guy you are buying the housewarming gift for is like most men, he probably likes his share of DIY projects. There is something about men having this desire to build things on their own.

When given an empty new home, they are most likely to have a list of DIY projects they would like to tackle on their days off. And since he probably spent way more than he wanted to get that new home, a gift associated with the DIY project on his list would be a perfect housewarming gift idea.

Maybe he is looking to build an outdoor deck in his backyard. Or perhaps he has a special man’s den for which he is building a floating shelf. Check out some woodworking projects to get ideas on what you could get him in his DIY kit for housewarming.

#2 Gift hampers for him

Okay, yes, this might be a little bit of cheating because everyone can think of a gift hamper as a gift. But try building a gift hamper for a man.

You will need to know a lot about his likes and dislikes before you can start assembling the contents of the gift hamper.

hamper gift

Does your guy like steaks? Is he a foodie who likes his artisanal cheese and cured meats? Then consider a food gift hamper.

If he is more the takeout and ramen-noodle eating bachelor, then consider a household essentials gift hamper filled with cleaning supplies, soaps, towels, dish towels, etc.

If your guy enjoys exploring different beer flavors and brews, a beer sampler gift could be the perfect choice. You can assemble a collection of craft beers from local breweries or opt for a curated beer sampler set featuring a variety of beer styles. Add savory snacks like gourmet pretzels or mixed nuts to create a well-rounded beer-tasting experience. It’s a thoughtful and enjoyable gift for beer enthusiasts, allowing them to savor a diverse range of flavors in the comfort of their own homes. Cheers to discovering new favorite brews!

Let’s face it, men are not always the most detail-oriented. Hence, having a gift hamper filled with household essentials is a perfect place to go dig around when he needs something he forgot to get from the store. 

Do a little research and assemble a one-of-a-kind gift hamper for him that he will truly appreciate.

This idea also goes well with your minimalist and mindful consumer friend. After all, who doesn’t love a basket of goods they will consume and will not need to find space in their home for life.

#3 Stock up his bar

This one is for the admirer of finer things like aged Scotch or a good rum. Think of the last time you moved. You probably had stopped stocking your bar cabinet for months before you had to move.

Pantries and bars are places we tend to empty out as much as possible so we don’t have to move liquids and food and add an extra hassle while moving to a new house.

When your special guy moves into his new place, consider stocking up his bar with one (or more) of his favourite spirits or wines.

It is also a very practical gift. After paying the moving expenses, buying new furnishings, and adjusting to the new realities of the likely higher rent or mortgage payment, stocking up with fine spirits is probably at the bottom of his list of things to get for his new home.

Yet again, this is a great consumption gift that will eventually not take permanent space in his new home.

#4 Help him decorate his home office

As we all know, the pandemic has completely changed the way we will work going forward. While many employers started to recall their knowledge workers back to the office, they are increasingly also offering flexibility by offering a hybrid work-from-home schedule.

home office

On top of that, in today’s hustle and side-gig culture, many full-time employees are also working on side businesses in their free time.

If your guy falls into either of these categories, his new home is going to need a home office. An ergonomically sound workspace is essential in boosting productivity, getting on those zoom calls, and putting in long hours.

Consider gifting him with home decor items that he will need to furnish his home office.

But a word of caution on this, since these gifts will take up a lot of permanent space in his home, you should always consult with him on his needs and taste.

#5 Help him out with his zen escape

The world is a tough place these days. We all need a little time for relaxation between wars, pandemics, inflation, recessions, debts, and mental health crises. 

To keep our mental and emotional health optimal, we need to invest in meditation, yoga, daily exercise, and mindfulness. And for that, we all need a space to escape the harsh realities of the outside world.

If your guy is on a journey to find his inner peace and practice mindfulness to centre himself daily, he will need a space for it in his new home. As mentioned before, the high moving expenses may leave him little room to procure the things he needs to create his zen space.

garden room exterior

This is where you could help him out. You will need to know a little bit more about how he chooses to relax after a gruelling day at work. Then you could discuss with him what items he needs to create this space. Personalised items can make his man den feel like the perfect escape and create talking points for friends and family. Maybe he has a small bar in his den that can have personalised glasses or unique drink dispensers added in his favourite theme or hobby. Think about how grateful he will be to you every time he chooses that space to find his inner peace.

Perhaps you can help bring some nature into his life or some of the elements of nature like fire or water features. Check out this fire pit idea for more inspiration.

#6 Plan a getaway for him

I know what you are thinking. A getaway gift for him as a housewarming may sound a bit absurd, but hear me out. 

Think back to the last time you moved. The months of planning, packing, moving, unpacking, reassembling furniture, designing, and customizing the space all took a toll on you, didn’t it?

Sometimes the home will feel like a lot of work, and there might not even be a peaceful quiet place for the new homeowner to relax. With budgets a little tight after a move, few will be inclined to just book a hotel room for a night and go have a spa day.

Also, what if your guy moved away from a hip downtown pad to more of a suburban or rural location?

This is why I am a big fan of getaway gifts as housewarming gifts. It could be a gift package to his favourite salon, a massage gift certificate, or a night out with an overnight stay just steps away from the entertainment district.

He is bound to appreciate knowing he has a getaway paid for and ready in his back pocket when all those DIY projects start to feel overwhelming.


While we still move towards evolved gender roles for men and women, men are typically more reserved about their likes and dislikes, especially around the home. They also tend not to be too expressive about their needs either. 

The real gift you will be giving with these ideas is the one where you get to know this special man in your life, his likes and dislikes, and bond with him over these gifts that will build memories for years to come.

Try out one of these six fun and functional housewarming gift ideas to put a smile on his face.

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