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How much does it cost to move home?

Most homeowners underestimate the cost of relocating to a new house. Usually, they only consider house rent as the only cost. However, if you plan to move, you need to be wary of other hidden charges. By identifying the hidden costs, you can plan and budget accordingly. Whether you are relocating to a bought or rented house, here are five things you will need to factor in your budget. When you move home it’s important to understand the costs as your first step to ensure you can afford it.


Some people try to cut the cost of hiring movers by enlisting the help of family or friends. You may be lucky if they are available to help. However, they may be busy or reluctant to help in most cases. It means the odds of needing to hire movers are high. Before hiring a moving company, gauge their professionalism by reading online reviews.

house move boxes

You can decide to pay movers per hour or at a fixed rate. Also, some movers levy different costs depending on what they are carrying into your house. For instance, moving a refrigerator will cost you more than moving a chair. Lastly, you need to determine the number of bedrooms your home has. For example, moving into a four-bedroomed house will cost you more than moving into a two-bedroomed one.

Moving supplies

It is crucial to safeguard your items against theft or breaking. So, you will need to purchase some boxes, blankets and packing tape to pack your items. The number of the moving supplies will be more depending on the number of your house items. Also, you will purchase boxes of varying sizes. Big boxes tend to cost more than small boxes. You could ask a neighbor to lend you boxes that they no longer use to save on costs.


It is inconvenient to move into a house without electricity or water. To save yourself from this hassle, you will need to ensure that these utilities are available by installing or inspecting them.

It is not uncommon for previous tenants to destroy the utilities. Sometimes, you may discover that the tenants did not pay for the utilities. For you to access them, you may have to pay for them. Before moving into a rented house, ask the landlord whether the previous tenants cleared the costs of the utilities. You should only incur your costs and not of the other tenants.

Internet services

Thanks to technological advances, workers do not need to report to work. Instead, they can accomplish some official tasks from their homes. However, you need to have the internet at home to continue working. So, when you move into the new house, you need to install the internet.

internet wifi

Some internet services providers install WIFI for free or at a particular cost. Once installed, you need to remember the monthly internet fees. Before the service providers can install the internet, they will need to know the location of your house. Some houses are in areas that receive poor network receptions. That will force you to rely on mobile internet, which is more costly than WIFI.


This is going to be one of the more expensive costs associated to your move. You will likely get a fixed rates but in many cases there could be hidden or unknown additional costs that you need to be aware off. Speak to a few different solicitors to gauge their services and confidence in selling your property, as well as buying a property.

Conveyancing Solicitors in Bath for instance charge fees anywhere between £850-£1500 + VAT as legal fees in addition to third party costs such as land registry costs or searches.

Estate agents

You don’t have to use estate agents to sell your property but it does make the process much easier for you. Costs can be fixed or they can base it on a percentage of your property value. Don’t forget to negotiate with them on the cost as they will very likely be open to an offer. If you decided to take this job on yourself be prepared to spend a lot of your time talking and negotiating with potential buyers.


This is not an exhaustive list. However, this guide is an excellent place to start from. If you are concerned about omitting an item, you could hire an appraiser or a real estate agent. They will help you identify all the items you should pay for.

Some people also use online comparative market analysis (CMA) tools online. CMA will give you a rough estimate of the costs of moving to the house. However, the tool tends to leave out some items inadvertently. As a result, you will work with a lower budget. Only use this tool as a preliminary step.

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