Interesting ways to add wooden tones to your home

There was a time when chunky and heavy wooden pieces of furniture and décor were all the rage. However, as trends come and go, these structurally sound elements have been replaced by more sleek and minimalistic designs, including other materials such as plastic and metal. Despite the inevitable change in home décor trends, many individuals still enjoy the earthy tones and the naturalistic elements that wooden décor brings into the home. But while many homes are too small for larger pieces of wooden furniture, it doesn’t mean you can’t reintroduce the beauty of natural wood into your home in other ways.

In this post, we’ll explore some interesting ways you can add wooden tones into your home décor. Read on to find out more.

ways to add wood tones to your home

Introduce wooden photo panels

Printing your favourite photographs on whitewashed, pinewood with high quality natural wooden slats is an interesting and vivid way to display your photos. These wooden photo prints from hellocanvas are the perfect way to introduce wooden tones into your home, effortlessly. You can choose between horizontal and vertical slats to best suit your space, and the wood doesn’t contain any knots – ensuring a smooth and high resolution finish every time. Printed using the latest printing techniques, any image of any size can be immortalised on these wooden slats, bringing out the best in your colours every time.  

Use white wood

When people think of wooden house décor, it’s easy to picture heavy and incredibly dark pieces of furniture. This style doesn’t suit every home and can even make your rooms look smaller and cluttered. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have wooden tones in your home. By choosing items that are painted white, you can still enjoy the textures of wood but enjoy the dazzling freshness of the colour.  If there’s a piece of dark wooden furniture you absolutely love, then consider buying some wood paint to lighten or whiten it up.

ways to add wood tones to your home

Utilise open shelving

Open shelving is the perfect way to showcase your belongings and to showcase your love affair with wooden décor. Open shelving can also make your living spaces appear larger especially in smaller areas like the kitchen or bathroom. Installing open shelving means choosing colours that contrast or complement the other tones in your home, all whilst providing the perfect place to store your favourite photos, books or other items.

Strike a bedroom balance

Keeping your rooms light and airy is an aesthetic goal for many property owners. However, in the bedroom, it’s not always easy to achieve. To introduce subtle wooden tones to your room, consider adding wooden bedside cabinets or choosing a wooden bed frame for a warm, yet subtle impact. The colour of the wood can also be complemented with your linen and your soft furnishings such as throws and cushions and even blankets and curtains.

Update your flooring

Updating your flooring to natural wood is a drastic change that will completely alter the look and feel of your home. If real, natural wood is impractical or a little out of your price range, don’t worry. Consider choosing laminate or wood effect vinyl tiles instead.  You can find some high quality recycled vinyl tiles nowadays if you’re worried about your environmental impact or engineered wood that can even be sanded like a real wood floor if laminate isn’t your thing. 

Final thoughts…

Introducing subtle wooden elements to your home is easy when you know how. Consider the advice above to bring in those stunning tones. 

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