How to bring warmth into your home this winter

Whether you’re looking for full-on home improvements to make your home warmer this winter, or you want some quick, easy and cheap home décor ideas for warmth, these tips will inspire you.

There are lots of ways you can create a warm home this winter, from updating your flooring to choosing the right textiles. 

Read on to learn several ways to stay warm at home this season, for all budgets.

First here are some home improvement ideas to make your home extra cosy.

How to bring warmth into your home this winter

Choose real wood flooring

Amazingly wood flooring can save you energy and money as they retain heat.  Solid wood flooring can help to keep your home warm as they have a high thermal mass.

Unlike carpet, wood absorbs and retains heat.  This helps to keep a room warmer for longer.

If you are considering replacing your floors then wood flooring can keep your home warmer in winter and it looks great too! 

It’s also a popular choice for home buyers so it can increase the value of your home.

Install underfloor heating

If you are replacing your floor then it’s the perfect time to install underfloor heating.

Just imagine walking on warm floors every day!  No cold feet at all in winter!

Underfloor heating also removes the need for unsightly radiators in your home, freeing up wall space and creating a modern, slick interior.

Insulate your home

Properly insulate your home so it stays as warm as possible.  Switch single glazing windows for double glazing, or even triple.

Make sure your walls and loft are well insulated.  Don’t forget to insulate the loft hatch too – it’s often forgotten!

If you’re a low income household then you may be entitled to a government grant to help make your home more energy efficient through insulation and other means. 

Now it’s time for some affordable, or even free, ways to make your home warm this winter.

How to bring warmth into your home this winter

Stock up on cosy textiles

The right textiles can bring warmth into your living space too.  Think about the fabric on your sofa.  A leather or fake leather sofa can be cool to the touch, but crushed velvet, for example, is soft and cosy – much better for the winter months.

If you have hard floors then rugs and a quick way to add softness and warmth to a room.

Cushions and throws on sofas make a living room more inviting in the winter months and stop everyone from ever feeling chilly.

Light candles

If you’re lucky enough to have a roaring real fire then it’s the ultimate way to warm up in the winter.  But for a cheap fix, candles can be just as effective.

The warm glow created by a flickering candle flame can help us feel calm and mentally banish away the cold.  It’s an easy way to make a room feel instantly warm and welcoming.

Use your curtains properly

Make sure you open your curtains during the day to let the natural sunlight flood in and heat the rooms in the day.  As soon as it darkens close them so the heat doesn’t escape.

Choose thick, thermal curtains for the winter as they act as insulation for your rooms.

Don’t block your radiators

If you can then make sure your radiators aren’t blocked by furniture like beds and sofas.  This can cause the furniture to absorb all the heat instead of the rest of the room.

Move furniture out of the way of radiators so the hot air produced can circulate the room.

Use flannelette sheets

Brushed cotton, or flannelette sheets, are a quick affordable way to make sure your bed is always warm and cosy.

Or you could invest in an electric blanket!

Add draught excluders to doors

If your doors have large gaps underneath them then they’re letting heat escape or cold air in.  Your local DIY stores will sell several types of draught excluders so you can seal this gap to prevent heat loss.

Whether you have cash to splash or are on a budget, there are lots of ways you can stay warm in your home this winter.

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How to bring warmth into your home this winter

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