How to choose an expansion joints manufacturer

Choosing an expansion joints manufacturer as part of your seismic retrofit solutions that can advise you on the correct expansion joint for your project can remove much of the uncertainty often associated with expansion joints.

In this post, you will learn eight important attributes to think about when selecting an expansion joints manufacturer.

1. Trust

A general sense of confidence is vital for expansion joints as you need to be sure that the expansion joints supplied by a manufacturer will meet expectations. Expansion joint issues can be expensive to correct, as repairing any cracks or replacing faulty expansion joints will surpass the original expense.

2. Expertise

Before selecting an expansion joints manufacturer, do some research by reading reviews or asking to see case studies projects with similar specifications to yours. You could even request a site visit, although this may not always be feasible. Communication is vital, so making an appointment to talk to the firm or existing clients is always beneficial.

3. Customer Service

A reputable manufacturer should be willing to advise you, offering information and help when required. You may be uncertain of the size and type of expansion joints for your project, for example. Your chosen manufacturer should be keen to help and offer the benefit of their expertise in the area, which ideally saves you time and money, as well as ongoing maintenance costs.

4. Quality

Expansion joints must be the best possible quality because of their role in ensuring structural safety and the ability of the structure to withstand movement. Choose a manufacturer with a proven track record of supplying expansion joints to many different projects.

5. Warranty

Warranties are an obvious sign that a manufacturer has confidence in their own products. A warranty of one year or even will give you confidence that the expansion joints will be of a good standard.

6. Processes

When selecting an expansion joints manufacturer, it is worth looking into their product supply operations. Do they keep stock in or do they operate with a just-in-time stock policy? A manufacturer that holds stock may be one that will be able to deliver your expansion joints on time, avoiding costly delays.

7. A wide range of products

A major question to ask the manufacturer is whether they have a wide range of products from which to choose? If they don’t, you may feel pressured into buying an inappropriate expansion joint. Most projects are different, so it’s vital to be able to choose from an extensive range of expansion joints.

8. Knowledge

An expansion joint manufacturer should have all the facts about their products at their fingertips; how the function, how they can be used and their specifications and tolerances.

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