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How to choose the right hand rail brackets?

Are you thinking of changing up the handrail brackets during your home renovation project? Perhaps you have been slowly replacing old home hardware and now, it’s time for those ugly and outdated handrail brackets to go. Maybe you are just curious about how to choose the right hand rail brackets.

Whatever the reason is for reading this blog post, I’m here to help you pick the right banister brackets for your home, and guess what? I’m not alone. Today, I’ve partnered up with Ironmongery Experts, who stock hand rail brackets and other architectural hardware, who are experts in the topic and will be able to answer any and all handrail bracket-related questions you might have.

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How to choose the right hand rail brackets

When searching for new rail brackets, you might have become overwhelmed with the large selection available. There are thousands of handrail brackets that differ in size, finish and design. How are you supposed to choose?

Ironmongery Experts recommend taking it one step at a time. It’s important to consider the size, design and finish of your hand rail brackets in relation to the banister rail you have, your home’s interior and your personal taste. This will help you narrow down your search and find the right brackets.

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Think about the size

Hand rail brackets are available in various sizes. Depending on the size and length of your banister rail, you will need stronger or lighter brackets. Check the manufacturer’s instructions of your banister rail to check what size brackets you will need.

As this article on the Spruce explains, it’s essential to choose handrail brackets that will “guarantee that you maintain the perfect distance from the wall.” Plus, it’s also important that “the handrail brackets do not interfere with hand movement.”

Consider the design and finish

“The right ironmongery will not only complement a design but will uplift it and make it more visually interesting.” Says Captain Bobcat, and she couldn’t be more right. Hand rail brackets, just like any other hardware detail of your home, can be both functional and decorative.

Thinking about the design and finish of your handrail brackets comes down to personal taste. Do you want to choose antique-looking hand rail brackets to suit your grade-listed property? Do you want to choose sleek matte black hand rail brackets for your modern home?

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However, as Rice Cakes and Raisins explains, “there is no rule when it comes to choosing the design of your handrail bracket.” So, if you live at a grade-listed property, you can still choose modern brackets, colourful brackets or any brackets that suit your fancy. Go for handrail brackets that you like the look of and that will complement your property.

Once you’ve figured out the right size, design and finish – you will, most likely, have a small selection of hand rail brackets to choose from. Then, pick the one you like best (in line with your budget!) and it’s time to replace your old brackets with these fresh, new ones.

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