How to choose the right pool table?

So, you’ve decided to buy a pool table. However, after a quick search for “pool tables for sale” and “home pool tables”, you’ve realised that there’s an overwhelming selection of pool tables online. So, which one should you pick? How to choose the right pool table?

I’ve always wanted a pool table for the games room, and at one point, I was in your shoes. I wanted a pool but wasn’t sure how to choose the perfect pool table. Maybe you think that all pool tables look the same and there’s not much to consider but I’d argue against it.

pool table shot

Not all pool tables are the same – you have full size pool tables, mini pool tables, outdoor pool tables, antique pool tables, modern pool tables… and the list goes on. Plus, as pool tables can be quite a hefty investment, it’s important to choose wisely. Today, I’ve partnered up with Hamilton Billiards, pool table manufacturers, to share their professional advice on how to choose the right pool table for your home.

Why should you play pool?

Maybe you’ve just stumbled upon this blog post and are wondering “Why should I play pool in the first place?” or “what makes pool so special?”. I might be a bit biased as I always played pool with family and friends growing up but playing pool has plenty of benefits. Life with Baby Kicks shared a few of the benefits of playing pool in a recent blog post, including improving critical thinking and concentration, increasing hand-eye coordination as well as improving well-being and socialisation.

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Set up a budget

Before diving into the design and size of pool tables, it’s important to put down a base budget – the amount you are willing to spend on a pool table (with some wiggle room). With a budget, you’ll be able to narrow down your search and make it easier to find the right pool table for you.

Consider the space

After setting up a budget, you can start thinking about the size of the pool table. Do you have a spare room that fits a full size pool table? Do you not have an extra room and would prefer a small pool table? Consider the space you have and then choose a pool table accordingly.

Just Eilidh recommends a snooker dining table for those lacking space. The same applies for pool tables or, in this case, pool dining tables. “So, pop one of these in your dining room and, after a meal, all you have to do is remove the top and then it’s time for a game of snooker. Sounds great, doesn’t it? I might be a bit biased on this one, so don’t just take this from me.”

billiards table large

Consider the design

Once you’ve put down a budget and picked the size of the pool table, now it’s time to think about the design. This comes down to personal preference, so it’s all up to you. However, a great way to pick a pool table design is to go for a style that fits your home or the specific room you’ll have the pool table.

If you are creating a complete games room and have chosen the right pool table, it’s time to decorate the room! Captain Bobcat recommends taking time to decorate the room as a family. “Take free time aside to prepare the room – paint it as you wish, add the furniture, the games and then finish off with little décor pieces that bring the room together. Do it as a family and put together the family games room of your dreams!”

Thanks for reading. I hope you find the right table for your space.

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