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How to choose the right skirting boards for your house

Skirting boards are an alternate name for baseboards and crown moulding for those unfamiliar with the term.  And much like the garment known as a skirt, it is essentially an aesthetic accessory for your home. There’s even a variety called pencil skirting which serves to further the comparison. Specifically, its purpose is to marry what you have going on for wall and floor design. It’s also worth thinking of in its practical functionality applications depending on where you are installing.

skirting boards

Assess applicable styles 

When taking time to decide on a style that suits the room, it’s important to think of what kind of use said room will get. Heavy traffic areas may benefit from some more simple designs. The more elaborate the design such as grooving, stepped and other more intricate choices may become tiresome to clean in certain environments. Some options such as bullnose and other rounded skirting can be the most stress-free clean.

Further design considerations

Simpler can definitely have its added benefits beyond ease of cleaning. In a small room skirting boards matched in tone with the flooring can have an expansive effect. Through the eyes’ natural motion it will assess the floor going a little further as it tracks up the wall finding similarities with the floor in the skirting area. When this is the desired effect, ideal in small rooms such as bathrooms, it’s worth pushing the height of the skirting as much as it looks natural.

Introduce a little flair

Before deciding on the colour of said paint, it may be worth deciding if there are any more …modern effects that you may like to consider. These days you can pretty well bet that for anything you are trying to do in your home or otherwise, there’s someone thinking differently about how to do it. The services at Metres Direct Skirting offer a rebate on customised skirting packages for adding LED lighting directly into the boarding. Why worry about picking one colour when you could have a fully programmable LED experience, customise the colour to your current mood!

Picking appropriate materials

Bathrooms bring up another important point to consider. Some rooms such as those with regular mopping or other high moisture use come with an extra risk of water damage. In these areas make sure to use a material rated well against this risk. And also assess what type of paint or finishing will most appropriately add extra protection. This can be considered on a space-by-space basis as things like tile flooring or permanent furniture and appliances nearby.

Once all the decisions have been reached regarding the size, style, and finish of the skirting boards it’s time to decide how you would like it painted. Most companies will offer various finishes on their boarding. Beyond what type of wood is used it will be helpful to decide if you want the raw board to prime and paint yourself (or stain and varnish), a fully primed board ready for the homeowner to add their paint of choice, or board that comes fully finished, merely needing some touchup once installed on-site. Hopefully, this has given some food for thought to those unsure of how to proceed with this aspect of a home project.

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