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How to create a perfect workplace in a small apartment

Even a small apartment can be convenient for those who work or study remotely. You don’t need a lot of space to enjoy every minute and be productive. As a rule, limited space is an additional incentive to keep the house clean and organise all work processes. How to create a perfect workplace in a small apartment? Let’s check this out.

Set up by a window

It is best if you can place your table near the window. A natural light source will help you strain your eyes less and avoid installing powerful bulbs. It is best to position your desk so that you do not create an additional shadow when you write with a pen or pencil. For example, if you are right-handed, then the sun should be shining on your table from the left side. But do not put the table parallel to the window so that the sun’s rays do not blind you while working at the computer.

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Good light is a top priority

Even if your room has a very small window, this is not a reason to be upset. Buy a bright telescopic desk lamp. Then you can work comfortably even in poor natural lighting conditions. It is best if you buy a device with a dimmer option. Then you can manually adjust the brightness. Even a small desk will become a good workspace if you feel comfortable writing and reading. You can use several lamps at once if you need to work with 3D models or make drawings.

Choose the right desk

A small room can be very cozy and comfortable to work with if you choose the right writing desk. Many shops have tons of options for people with different needs. Get a small table with drawers and shelves to store all the papers you need. If you have enough space for your documents and books, then nothing will distract you while you work. All your things will be concentrated in one place.

Solid oak desk box hairpin legs

Use the right tools

A small room is not a reason to be upset. Of course, you will have to find a balance between important devices and free space on the table. But how about a laptop? There are quite a few 13-inch devices that don’t take up much space. Buy a laptop, and you don’t have to think about where to place the system unit and a large monitor. Besides, laptops have built-in keyboards and touchpads. This will save you some space for your papers. Consider buying a minimum of tools that are important to you. Do not clutter the table with devices that you will not use.

13" laptop

Use a wall marker board

Many people lack space for notes and calculations in small rooms. Alternatively, you can use a marker board on your wall. Then you can draw graphs, charts, lists, or leave important notes. This solution will allow you to use the space of your apartment more efficiently. You can even use colour-coded stickers to keep you on track.

Upgrade your desk chair

Buy a wheeled armchair to avoid discomfort in a small room. This decision will be reasonable for those who are in constant motion, even sitting at the table. A regular chair will not be very comfortable as you will have to push it back when you want to stand up constantly. By the way, this piece of furniture is very relevant if you buy an n-shaped table. Then you can quickly turn to the sides and be as efficient as possible all day long.

Final words

As you can see, tons of life hacks will help you create a perfect workplace in a small apartment. Choose furniture and gadgets wisely so as not to waste space. Try to choose what you need for your daily work. Your main goal is to use every inch of your apartment. Check out at least a few interior decorating options online. Most likely, you will find a couple of interesting ideas that will be relevant to you.

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How to create a perfect workplace in a small apartment

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  1. Loads of good advice, thanks! A bit of thought at the design stage can save space and stress later.

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