How to create a spa like bathroom in your family home

In a busy family home the bathroom can quickly become cluttered with plastic bath toys, toiletries, cleaning products, empty loo rolls and an overflowing towel rail.  It’s suddenly not the serene place you were expecting to enjoy for a long soak after a hectic day filled with work and family life.

If you are lucky enough to have more than one bathroom then job done.  Simply dedicate a bathroom to the kids and the other for you.

If not, then read on for my advice on how to make your shared family bathroom more spa-like.

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Get rid of the clutter

Firstly, have a big sort out.  Clear out the clutter and keep only the toiletries you really need.  Having stacks of bottles all over the shelves that look untidy isn’t very spa-like.  You want to aim for only a few choice bottles on the side and put the rest away out of sight in a cupboard.

If your bathroom is small then look into storage solutions such as an under sink cupboard or vanity unit.  You could also choose a mirror cabinet for above the sink.

Hide the toys

If you want to enjoy a long hot soak kid-free to relieve the stresses of parenthood then you probably don’t want a few rubber ducks and pouring cups floating alongside you!  Take the kids’ toys out of the bath and make sure you have a storage box for them to go out of sight when the kids aren’t being bathed.

Put towels away

If you have stacks of towels eating into your bathroom space and looking messy on the heated towel rail, then put them elsewhere such as an airing cupboard or each keep a towel hanging on the back of the bedroom door.  Simply take the towels you need into the bathroom when you use it and only leave a hand towel on display.  When it’s your turn to use the bathroom then you’ll get full use of the heated towel rail to enjoy a lovely warm towel when you step out of the water.

Keep it clean

To really feel spa-like then you’ll need to keep on top of the cleaning in your bathroom.  Mouldy grout and a stained toilet isn’t going to cut it!  When the kids are in the bath happily playing then use that time to give the bathroom a quick clean.  I like to clean our bathroom most days, or parts of it, and once you are on top of it then it doesn’t take long each day to maintain the cleanliness.


For the ultimate relaxing spa experience you’ll need a few bathroom accessories.  Scented candles for mood lighting and aroma will really set the tranquil scene.  You’ll also want to be comfortable in the tub, so a bath pillow is a great investment.  A wooden bath caddy tray is also a genius idea.  I’ve seen some on Etsy with candle, iPad and wine glass holders so you can have everything you need for the ultimate bath experience right in front of you! Even choosing the right hand rails will make all the difference.

Choose waterfall taps and shower

It’s easy to give your bathroom more of a spa feel by changing some of the fittings.  Upgrade your bath, sink and shower with a waterfall shower head and taps.  You’ll need to make sure your water pressure is good enough for a large waterfall shower head.  If it isn’t then check out these shower pumps for sale at Pump Sales Direct which could help to increase your water pressure.

Tile floor to ceiling

We haven’t done this, but I think to really create a luxurious bathroom then the choice of tile is important as well as tiling from floor to ceiling.  Spas tend to have large stone like tiles.  Even better is to create a wet room so everything is on one level and you don’t need to step up into a separate shower enclosure.

Install a table top sink

Another great trick is to add an attractive sink!  We had an old freestanding sink that was pretty standard, but by adding a rustic oak worktop and round table top sink, we totally transformed the look of our bathroom.

You can see the final result here: How to create a bathroom vanity sink for under £150

Calming colours

Spas are places we go to chill out so your bathroom colour scheme should reflect this.  Don’t choose bold vibrant colours, but peaceful earthy and neutral shades to help clear the mind.

Keep it fresh

Finally, you’ll want to get rid of unpleasant odours in the bathroom so make sure you air the bathroom regularly by keeping the window open after use.  You can also use scented soy candles, essential oil diffusers and natural incense sticks to keep bad odours at bay.

With the right décor and plenty of storage solutions to hide clutter, you will be able to transform your kid-friendly bathroom into an adult-friendly spa experience in no time!

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