How to decorate a dorm room on your own

Decorating your place is one of the first steps in adult life as you separate from your parents and get an opportunity to enter the blank slate and furnish your new room the way you want.

However, there is one limitation that usually becomes essential, and it is budget.

Still, there are a lot of affordable solutions that require only desire and small efforts. You can show your creativity and express your vision through the interior as you are free to choose lightings, wall art, antique or high tech furniture, anything you want can personalise your dorm room.

In this article, you will find useful tips on how to decorate your dorm room in the best possible way with less expense.

Take care of your bed

The quality of your sleep will influence your whole college life and overall performance. Choose the perfect mattress that will suit your back and make you feel not only comfortable but also relaxed.

You can consider installing bed risers that will make your bed higher. This cheap trick will give you extra space to store some cloth, shoes, books or other stuff.

A small carpet will add much more cosiness and you will wake up in a good mood because of getting up and stepping on the soft floor mat.

Another important element of your bed zone is light high-quality bed linen and cover that will perfectly complement the atmosphere and make the room spacious and good looking.

Nothing has to be expensive – you can take things you already own from your parent’s house and check out local charity shops and marketplace listings to find a bargain.  You might even find people giving away their preloved goods for free.

Design a working zone according to your needs

The second important thing for students in the dorm room is a table or desk for studying. You can choose to have a desk custom made to your exact dorm size and requirements.

If you like to keep everything organised, it is a great solution to check some life hacks for small spaces and include various storage bins and boxes to keep things neat and tidy and give everything a place.

Most of your time, you will be sitting at the desk, doing homework, and dreaming about hanging with your new friends!

Due to the huge number of college assignments, it can become difficult to handle all of them on yourself, so it can be a perfect time to look up “tips to do my assignment online” and let the experts help you.

Study is pretty exhausting, and you can spend hours working on your tasks and essays, but the main idea is to make life much easier and get all assignments done before the deadline.  Setting up a productive and organised work zone is key to this – you need somewhere you enjoy studying, can concentrate and feel motivated.

Decorate your dorm room with easy, do-it-yourself crafts

In order to create interesting interior elements, no serious handyman skills or huge budget are required. For example, you can start by creating an easy DIY memo board with a key rack or make your own photo displays.

You can easily make your own photo display with the outer frame of a large picture frame, string and small pegs!

There are so many cheap and affordable ways to make your dorm room look great and purely personalised to you.  Your own ideas and creativity will help to choose the best DIY that suits your dorm room the most.

Everything above-mentioned helps you to add creative touches to your dorm room and save money. In just a few hours the dorm room becomes cosy, personalised, and shows your character.

Fill the space with light and plants

White colour makes the room much more spacious, and small LED light strings over the wall will transform it into a super cosy place where studying will seem less arduous. Such lighting gives a softer glow that mellows and initiates relaxation, perfect when you’re ready to stop studying and relax in the evenings.

You can also freshen your dorm with indoor house plants which are a cheap and cheerful décor idea, but they are also useful for your health too from improving indoor air quality and boosting your mood.

Wall art is a creative way to decorate the space

Nobody wants to stare at a blank wall all the time.  It is pretty boring to leave the walls totally empty. It’ll look like you’re moving out, or just moving in, and will lack personality in your door room.

There is a theory that bright walls facilitate brainstorming, so in other words, it helps the students to come up with new ideas for research and projects.  Blue can help with focus and mental ability.  Orange might also be a colour that promotes motivation.  So research colours and pick something you like, that can also help with your studies!

Of course, fresh white walls are great, but you can choose your wall décor according to these colours or an accent colour for motivation or concentration!

The options for design are just endless, so you are free to hang up any poster, painting, or collage from your photos to the wall and perhaps choose one of these colour themes for the frames to make sure it all flows nicely and there is a theme.

Do not mix up too many different styles and colours for walls. If you are fond of graffiti or painting, you could decorate the walls on your own.  Just make sure you are allowed to colour the walls before you start in case you don’t have permission to paint the walls a different colour.

Final thoughts

A student’s life is filled with fun, emotions, study, campus life, sports activities, new friends, and we make the first steps to grown-up life when we open the door to a dorm room for the first time.

It is a temporary place for living that influences all spheres of college life.  So it’s important to make it as comfortable as possible and choose your style for both relaxation and studying. The above- tips will help you to improve both the overall feeling and mood for your dorm room being fit for purpose for both academic performance and social life.

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