How to enhance your home with interior design

Below we share two ways to enhance your home with interior design without totally redecorating!  Make your home beautiful with these affordable and simple methods.

How interior design can make your home beautiful

Interior design is just beautiful, if you want it to be that is. Everyone has their own versions of what they think interior design should look like, and that’s completely OK. It shows that interior design can be so diverse, you can make absolutely any room exactly the way you want it to be and it could still be classed as interior design.

Of course, you might not have the means to do that, or you might just feel like you don’t have the vision needed to put it all together. When it comes to the finer side of interior design, you definitely will feel as though you can’t afford it. But, there are some perfect ways that you can add a little bit of interior design class, without having to break the bank!

I definitely like interior design and I think to a certain point Ben does too.  He is an expert furniture maker, but I think sometimes he will buy something for the home because it serves a purpose, whereas I consider the aesthetic value of every piece.  I like every main item of furniture and decor in the home to look great and to suit my style.

Some people just buy things for their function without a thought of how they look.  This is where interior design comes into play for me when I am choosing items for the home and styling them.  I like to choose items not just for their functionality, but also for how they look and make me feel.

I like a minimalist but natural feeling home and the pieces of furniture or décor I purchase have to suit this theme so the whole home blends together.  I like pieces of interest that I can stare at and get lost within.  Everything has a purpose and makes us feel good.  I definitely incorporate minimalism and its reasoning into our own interior design.

How to enhance your home with interior design


Modern art

Modern art is the best thing you can put into your home if you want the walls to have appeal and not feel so bland. Something so simple as a painting or two in each room can really change the look of it, and give it a classy, modern or vibrant feeling that your home might be missing.

If you have never really been into art, and are not sure what would look the best, you can always go into an art gallery for inspiration. You can also get companies who do picture framing to give the piece of art that little bit of an edge, and to help make it pop even more on the wall.

If you are an artist then why not create something by yourself to go on the walls?

Personally, I hate anything too obvious on the walls like a generic canvas of sunsets and prefer something a little more unique.

We have an amazing canvas that is a print of a stag papercut by Paper Panda, an incredibly talented paper-cutting artist. It is above our log burner fireplace and is the main focal point of the room.  It’s a beautiful piece and always attracts compliments.  Plus, over four years since hanging it, I’m still not bored of looking at it.

Home accessories

Home accessories can be a cheap and cheerful way, as well as an easy way, to start working in design elements to the home.  If you’re aiming for classy interior design then choose a chandelier as a show stopper of a light fixture hanging in the middle of the room.

Darker interiors can look more classy, so think about getting darker pillows and ornaments. If you want less on the walls, then consider creating a centrepiece with textiles and layering some modern rugs on a hard floor to create a combination of patterns and interest to a room.

You can go on interior design websites to view luxury interior design ideas, which will give you more of an idea of the styles you should choose for your accessories; you can even use interior design websites like this to custom make accessories to perfectly suit your home.

Pinterest is also great for finding inspiration and creating mood boards filled with the items and ideas you discover.

If you love a more industrial look then choose concretes and metal accessories such as copper.

For natural interior design choose rustic wood accessories such as candle holders and hanging Devil’s Ivy plants.

Simple is effective

Simple is definitely going to be more effective when it comes to interior design.  The minimalism movement is a big trend right now and rightly so.

A less cluttered space will ensure your beautiful new accessories really stand out, as well as the art on your walls.

If your room is overloaded with too many different colours, styles, ornaments, patterns and furniture then its interior design element is going to disappear.

How to enhance your home with interior design


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