How to integrate the latest tech into your kitchen

Isn’t it slightly mad to think about how much kitchens have changed over the decades?

It wasn’t even 50 years ago where microwave ovens were seen as ground-breaking technology, whereas now we have touchscreen toasters!

There’s so much kitchen tech available, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. So we’ve put together a guide to help you out.

How to integrate the latest tech into your kitchen

Kitchen designs

Let’s begin by looking at the layout of your kitchen. You can integrate tech into the physical space of the room.

For instance, you could install sockets inside of your kitchen cupboards. That way you can plug in your appliances, but keep that modern, sleek, look in the room.

Think about charging too. Install USB sockets so you can easily charge your devices too.

Even the colour can make a difference to the space. Grey kitchens have an effortlessly modern look that blends well with tech and will look stylish for years to come.

Plus, of course, you could invest in new appliances with smart features.

Smart gadgets

This is the fun part: choosing gadgets. There are lots of ways you can upgrade your kitchen gadgets.

Fridges with wifi connections, self-watering herbs, and even a chocolate printer.

It would appear that the future is well and truly here.

Make sure to set yourself a budget when buying new tech for your kitchen. Otherwise, it’s far too easy to end up buying too much stuff.

You can get smart washing machines, fridges, ovens and all sorts nowadays. And of course you might already be familiar with smart lightbulbs, heating and hot water which all play a part in the kitchen too.

How to Integrate the Latest Tech into Your Kitchen

Personal preference

While it can be tempting to buy something for a novelty factor, it’s important to pick items that you will actually use. If you find an appliance you like the sound of, ask yourself how often would you use it in a week and is the price worth it?

It’s your kitchen, so you’ll know which gadgets will slot into your day-to-day life. Pick items that have the most benefits for you.


When you start looking for new kitchen gadgets, you’ll notice that a lot of them revolve around sustainability. They can make your life easier, and be more energy-efficient. When you’re investing in new tech for your kitchen, make sure to check that it’s eco-friendly. You can check their energy rating, or ask for help during your purchase.

Future tech

It’s incredible to see what kitchen technology is now capable of doing. It begs the questions: what will kitchen tech look like in the future?

As technology advances, it’s expected to be commonplace to have a central tablet that responds to voice commands. You’ll be able to control timers, temperature, and appliances just by speaking.

Kitchens are going to get smarter, sleeker, and will be designed to make the cooking experience as easy as possible.

It’s exciting to think of what gadgets our kitchens will have in the future. In the meantime, you can focus on what’s already available to help make your kitchen work for you.

What would your dream tech kitchen look like?

How to Integrate the Latest Tech into Your Kitchen

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