How to keep trespassers out of your yard

Whether you own a private piece of property away from the city and you want to keep nosy neighbours away or even would-be-thieves, or perhaps the neighbourhood kids keep diving into your pool without permission or playing on your driveway – an invasion of property can feel like an invasion of privacy. 

Everyone deserves to be able to keep their space as their own.  Fortunately, there are multiple ways to keep others out and away.

Here’s how to keep trespassers far away when they aren’t wanted.


This option works best when hooked up to a motion sensor system or something that will go off when anyone is in your yard.  Floodlights take away the privacy and sense of feeling hidden that trespassers try to keep up.  Instead of being able to sneak around your property, they’ll be caught under a blindingly bright light.  This plan will give you the option to reprimand them and tell them to leave or stop them and hand them over to the authorities.


Sure, a fence may seem obvious, but there are multiple reasons a wall may be the best choice for most people with privacy issues. Not only can a wall offer you security and privacy when you’re walking around your property, but it will also help deter anyone trying to climb over to get in.  The fall-back is that neighbours won’t be able to see in your yard and warn you or the authorities if something is amiss, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that moment will happen!  A tall fence is a great first defence to help ward off intruders.


Although you shouldn’t get a dog for the sole purpose of protecting your property, if you do have a dog, it may help.  Large dogs can be unpredictable to home invaders, and because of that, many will skip a house with a dog in it.  Not only do trespassers risk getting hurt, the amount of noise a dog can make barking and yelping will alert all of your neighbours that something is wrong.  This plan also means that if someone does decide to trespass, you’ll know within moments of it happening.


Most people don’t think signs are capable of much– yet not every trespasser is out there to break in and steal your things.  Some trespassers may want to get in your yard to use your pool when you’re away, or some may attempt to take food from your garden. Others may want to use your garden as a shortcut!  Signage that says the area has a camera and is monitored is often enough to scare off anyone trying to access your space, even if it’s not true.  People will weigh the odds of getting caught based on their face and often change their minds about trespassing.


Having cameras up is one of the best things you can do for protecting your property and preventing trespassers.  Cameras can not only film trespassers so that they’re caught and won’t do it again: they also ward off trespassers by being visibly noticeable.  Camera systems are more noticeable if you’re shopping in expensive areas, like looking for Vancouver homes for sale.  These systems stop most trespassers and catch anyone who does come on your property on camera. If anything is amiss then this footage can be handed over to the authorities as proof of any wrongdoings.

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