How to keep your house pest free

Uninvited guests are always the hardest to get rid of, especially when flying or four-legged.

They come in quickly and usually stay for a more extended period than you would like, but thanks to some nifty tricks, you can keep your home safe from these pests.

How to keep your house pest free


Vermin can be a horrible pest to get rid of, especially if you have other animals like dogs or birds living outside your home.

They are attracted to dirt and constantly look for scraps lying around the bins or even near the feeding area of other animals.

They can quickly spread disease, and when they bite humans or animals, the bite can be highly toxic.

If you have seen one and want to make sure they do not bring any family along, then follow these steps:

  • Keep all outside bins as clean as possible. Wash them regularly and make sure that they are correctly closed when you throw your dirt away.
  • Keep a close eye on rat droppings around other animals that live outside. They could be eating their food which means you will need to change the area you feed them.
  • Rat repellent around the drain area may help, but make sure to throw detergent down the drain pipes near the kitchen. Rats have a perfect sense of smell and can follow the trail to your kitchen easily.
  • If you see one lurking, leave a giant rat trap outside the door. It will prevent the rest from coming closer. You can buy humane rat traps.
How to keep your house pest free


Pigeons can be an incredible nuisance with their loud cooing and constant shedding of feathers around the property.

Pigeons are as dangerous in terms of filth as rats are and should be treated with a bit of vigilance. They breed quickly, and once they have found a spot to roost, they are very likely to return to it.

Their droppings or guano can be dangerous when it becomes dry and dusty and can lead to severe infections when you inhale it.

If you are overrun with pigeons at your property, then here is how to keep them at bay:

  • Roosting spikes will prevent them from landing on your roof to nest or roost.
  • Keep the balcony or step areas clean by washing them with baking soda, vinegar and water. The smell will deter the pigeons from landing to poop.
  • It is illegal to kill wild birds so never ever do this. Instead if you are overrun and need assistance then you need to call environmental services or the local authorities for assistance with bird control.
  • Keep animal feed, and food bins clear and out of sight. Pigeons are likely to return to a reliable food source if they see one and very likely find a way to nest close to it.
How to keep your house pest free


Bedbugs are more common than you think and can be annoying to get rid of if you are not careful. If you suspect that you might have them on your furniture, then keep an eye out for telltale signs:

  • Tiny, rusty bloodstains on the bedsheets or bedclothes
  • Eggshells on the mattress
  • Faecal spots

How to get rid of them:

  • Remove all the bedding and put it into the washer as soon as possible. Place the clothes you wore when removing the sheets into the washer with the sheets. Use a strong detergent and wash the items on the warmest wash possible. A special bedbug washing detergent can be used if necessary.
  • Use a bed bug insecticide spray on the mattress and leave it to dry in the sun.
  • If you cannot remove them, call a professional service to exterminate them from your furniture and beds.
How to keep your house pest free

Crawling insects

If we are realistic, then, unfortunately, not all pests can be removed at all times. However, it’s when there are many in the home at once that they become an issue.

One of the most stubborn pests to rid your home of is cockroaches. They can seem to breed in the thousands overnight! There are many different types of cockroach and it’s a good idea to identify each one from the next. The german cockroach is most commonly found in the kitchen and can be identified by two black strips down their backs. Other roaches may include a wood roach, American roach and smoky brown roach.

You want to get rid of them as quickly as possible the moment you spot them. Here’s what you can do:

  • Keep the outside drain clean and free of unnecessary debris. Use a strong detergent once a week to clear any dirt and grime that may have collected there.
  • If they are in your home, buy a cockroach repellent and use it in areas like the kitchen and bathroom, where they are likely to plague.
  • The smaller cockroaches are usually found near a food source and water, keeping these areas as clean as possible.

Getting rid of cockroaches can be a difficult task, so if your attempts to rid yourself of them is unsuccessful, then call a pest control professional immediately.

How to keep your house pest free

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