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How to make a small house look spacious

Even the biggest room will look tiny when there’s a mess. Moreover, according to a study by the Princeton University researchers, a cluttered environment can cause stress, anxiety, and inability to focus. These are the two reasons for you to get rid of the mess at home.

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Sadly, some people cannot throw away their belongings easily. However, some of the things you have can be reused, donated, or recycled. Putting your rarely used items to a good cause can benefit you mentally and open up space in your home.

Now, it is necessary to remember not to return to the previous state – and reorganising may help with that. In this article, you will find the best tips for storing your items and making your house look more spacious.

Designate a proper place for everything

If you do not have a broad and spacious closet, get creative. It is important to make a place for everything. If you have a lot of things that need to be stored, you can purchase numerous storage containers or get a bigger wardrobe. All the items that are used on a daily basis should be placed in a closet, cupboard, drawers, or cabinets.

Pro tip: store items in the places they belong – if you took something out of the drawer, put it back after using. And do not leave things on the floor to avoid mess and ease your cleaning process.

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If you don’t have enough storage space at home, consider using your garage. Declutter it and organise everything – add containers, shelves, or boxes to keep the place clean. If your garage is not in the best state, fix it beforehand to make the conditions suitable for storage. For example, add insulation or a cooling system if you want to store food in your garage, or check garage door repair near Las Vegas or in your area to keep safe.

Store seasonal clothing appropriately

If you have some clothes that are not used during summer, store them in a place where they will be protected from dust, sun rays, insects, or any other elements that can damage them. Put them in plastic bags or their original packaging. If you do not have enough space in your closet, consider using the attic, the basement, or the garage as additional storage space.

Make space under the sink and inside the cabinets

Do not forget about the space beneath the sink and inside the cabinets. If you do not have enough space to store your cleaning supplies or if your cabinets are cluttered, consider purchasing extra containers or baskets that can help you store things neatly. This way, you will not waste any time looking for the item you need right now, and you will get rid of all the mess.

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Store sports equipment properly

If you have some sports equipment that is not used daily, store it in a place where it will be protected and will not get in your way. For instance, you can use the garage or the basement for the seasonal sports equipment. If you have many items, store them in labeled boxes.

If you have a lot of sports equipment that you use regularly, it may help to create a special room for it. Consider using a corner in your living room or converting your garage into a home gym.

Create a filing system

If you have a lot of papers, consider setting up a filing system. This way, you will not worry about losing important documents. You can write the names of the papers on the folders, so they are easier to find when needed. Since documents tend to accumulate, it may help to store them in a place that is accessible but not in your way.

Selling your unused items online is highly beneficial for anyone. It will help you sell the things you don’t use and earn some extra money while helping someone else at the same time. Many websites such as eBay allow users to sell their old goods online.

Paint your walls white

Most studies have confirmed that bright and dark colors make a room look smaller than it actually is. Using white paint on your walls will open up a room and make it appear larger. And if white is not your favorite color, choose pastel shades of blue, green, or yellow.

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Use mirrors to open up your room

The use of mirrors to open up a room is not a new concept. You can add a mirror in front of a window to increase the amount of light that enters your room. Apart from making your room lighter, a mirror will also make it appear larger.

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Organise your bookshelves

If you have many books and other items on your bookshelves, that can make a room look messy and tiny. To add some spice, try reorganizing your bookshelves – for example, use tall shelves instead of short ones. If you have a large collection of books, consider purchasing something with glass doors – that will allow you to see the titles of the books and make them stand out nicely.

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Use multi-purpose storage units

If you want to create more storage areas in your home, consider using multi-purpose storage units. For example, if you have an extra space under your stairs, you can use it to add a storage unit or cabinet for additional storage space for your home.

A final note

A cluttered, messy house can seem exceptionally tiny even if it’s not so little in reality. If that is your problem, several tips may help. Reorganising your storage space, repainting the room, changing some furniture – all that can add a fresh vibe to your place and make it seem spacier.

Moreover, cleaning the room and eliminating the clutter can help you feel better. And if you add some decorations – like plants or paintings – your stress level will definitely drop. So don’t hesitate to implement the tips you’ve seen above, get in control over your home space, and start feeling better right now.

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How to make a small house look spacious

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