How to make your home office eco friendly

There is no doubt that businesses across the United Kingdom are undertaking serious efforts to reduce their overall carbon footprints. This is an excellent way to save a great deal of money on monthly energy costs and it is also beneficial in terms of publicity. When we consider that there are a number of green incentives available from the government, it only stands to reason that business owners are interested in what solutions are currently available.

Whilst those of us that work from home may not be able to get a government incentive, it still pays for us to be green.  There are lots of ways to make a home office more eco-friendly which will be better for the planet and also our business purse strings.

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Embrace modern technology for your home business

There are lots of ways that offices use smart technology to reduce overall costs.  Some examples are installing sensors that know whether employees are in a room or not so the lights will switch off when vacant or zoned thermostats that will only heat the rooms that are in use.  These types of technology can also be used in your home office so you can enjoy the cost saving benefits too.

eco-friendly standing desk laptop stand
Eco-friendly standing desk

The Hive Multizone, as an example, is an at-home solution that will allow you to heat different areas of your home, so when you’re working all day you will easily be able to heat just your office and no other rooms.  They also have sensors that can link to your lights so your home can also have lighting that automatically turns on and off depending on whether you’re in the room or not.

IMG_3446Eco-friendly Tip – buy handmade reclaimed office furniture instead of new!

Easy ways to make your home office eco-friendly

There are also lots of quick ways you can make your home office eco-friendly.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Make the most of natural light. By setting your room and desk up so you don’t need to turn the lights on, you’ll not only improve your mood by getting more natural sunlight, but you’ll save having to switch on the lights so much.
  • Install energy-efficient light bulbs.
  • Dim your computer screens to reduce power consumption.
  • Choose second-hand furniture or upcycle reclaimed wood to create a custom office desk instead of choosing new.
reclaimed wood desk with drawers
Reclaimed wood desk
  • Use as many natural materials as possible and cut down on plastic.
  • Don’t print unless you absolutely have to.
  • Use online notepads and documents to make notes instead of pen and paper.
  • Don’t forget to switch everything off. When you’re done working for the day then remember to switch all your electrical work equipment off to stop everything zapping energy whilst on standby.
eco-friendly paper pens plastic free
Eco-friendly paper pens
  • Do as much as you can online. Luckily there are lots of jobs and ways to make money online nowadays and so many work-related tasks that can be completed online too.  Banking, admin, video meetings, etc.  This will all save having to travel by car to the bank or meetings which will reduce costs and cut carbon emissions.
  • Recycle your old electronics. It’s really important to properly recycle any old computer equipment and not just throw it into a landfill!  You may even be able to recoup some of the costs by selling as spares or repairs on eBay.
  • Add a plant. House plants look great, but they also help to clean and purify the air which is much better than you spraying chemical air freshener in your office space.

All of these changes can be implemented within a short period of time, so there is no reason why they should not be actioned. It might also be wise to speak with your current energy supplier to determine if there are any additional ways to reduce your overall carbon footprint such as changing to a renewable energy source for your home instead.


Living walls

Here’s something a little different.  If you really want to make your office as eco-friendly as possible then consider turning a whole wall into a living, breathing cover of foliage.  These vibrant walls help oxygenate the room, provide a soothing, calming vibe and make your office space stand out from the rest.  Companies like phsgreenleaf can install and maintain these features in commercial offices and home environments alike.

living wall art
Moss forest wall letters

Surprising eco-friendly suggestions to keep in mind

You might be surprised to learn that some of the best energy-saving suggestions are not always involved with physical changes and upgrades around the office. For example, did you know that adopting a more efficient enterprise ecommerce platform can reduce your consumption of mains electricity?

Why is this the case?

Imagine for a moment that an in-house IT department is having difficulty upgrading their online architecture, or they have already spent hours attempting to engineer a more effective point-of-sale system within your existing website.

Not only will all this work cost you a lot of money whilst they build you a custom POS system, but just remember that the associated energy consumption is just as much of a concern.

Migrating to a more targeted and streamlined package could be a wise choice.  There are so many off-the-shelf products online for many of your business needs that are already designed perfectly to do everything you need.  It can be a much more eco-friendly option compared to hiring an entire team to start from scratch building you something that already exists.

scaffold board desk
Scaffold board desk

Whatever digital needs your home business has, there are likely readymade platforms and solutions out there that can save you time and reduce further energy consumption.

There are lots of ways to make sure your home business is as eco-friendly as possible.  Many of the changes are easy to implement and will even reduce your outgoing business costs.

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