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How to plan the inside of your fitted wardrobes

The wardrobe is a crucial piece of bedroom furniture, so you should ensure that, when building fitted wardrobes, it can accommodate all your needs.

Although freestanding alternatives are generally much smaller than built-in wardrobes, it is still important to make good use of the extra space. Thankfully, you can customise the interior of the wardrobe just as much as you can the exterior when working with a skilled company to plan and build the inside of your fitted wardrobes.

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If you’re unsure about where to begin, or how to make your wardrobe perfect for you, read the advice provided below for organising the interior of your wardrobe.

Consider the contents

The first consideration when designing the interior of a wardrobe is the type of items you will be keeping there. For instance, many people opt to store items like shoes and bags in addition to clothing in their modern fitted wardrobes.

Consider your wardrobe’s contents realistically and how much room you’ll likely need for each clothing category. Consider the needs of the person with whom you are sharing the wardrobe.


In typical wardrobes, most of the space is taken up by rails, which limits your options for using the remaining space. In this situation, a fitted wardrobe demonstrates its benefits because you can model the wardrobe depending on the specific needs.

When organising your wardrobe, if you find that you have more pants, shoes, and handbags than t-shirts, skirts, or dresses, you can decide to have only one rail installed, or even one rail stacked on top of the other, to keep all your hanging clothes in the same section of your wardrobe.


Saving space is made easy with shelves. They can be stacked below drawers or rails to create a more compact and sturdier wardrobe. One benefit of having this custom made for you is that you can fit the shelves in any position with any critical distance between each one, such as further apart shelves for your handbags or closer fitted shelves for your footwear or folded laundry.

Hanging rails

When selecting the hanging rails for your wardrobes, the crucial decision will be choosing single rails, double rails, or a pairing of both. Single hanging rails work best for items like dresses and trousers, whereas double rails offer the most storage space for shirts, jackets, and blouses.


For storing smaller or foldable items like hats, scarves, ties, and belts, drawers are a great option. Additionally, you can close the drawer to keep the items always hidden and maintain the appearance of a well-organized wardrobe. You can keep your belongings organized, know where they are, and make it easy to find them whenever you need to quickly get dressed and head out the door by putting dividers in your drawers.


Your fitted wardrobe will look and feel best when you use your preferred doors. You can choose the colour, style, and decorative handles for your doors and how they open. If space is limited, you can choose a sliding door instead of a door that pulls straight out to reveal a shelf mounted on the back of the door panel. To save even more space, you can attach a mirror to the outside of any door.

custom built in wardrobes rustic

Shoe Display

You can keep shoes neatly tucked away in your drawers or make them the centre of attention in your fitted wardrobe by displaying them on shelving.

Drawers For Underwear

The best way to tidily store all your family members in a way that allows for easy access and lets you see every item is with fitted underwear drawers.

TV space

Enjoy watching a movie or the newest hit show in bed? Alternatively, how about some light entertainment on a Sunday morning? Think about a TV-equipped fitted wardrobe that can neatly accommodate your TV.

Consider any potential future requirements

It is simple to make plans for the clothes you already have in your wardrobe, but it’s important to take your future needs into account as well. Since high-quality wardrobes will last for many years, you should make sure your interior is flexible enough to accommodate all your changing needs.

Consider seasonal items as you consider your potential future needs. For example, consider how much space you’ll need in your wardrobe when it gets colder if you store your winter clothing somewhere else during the summer, and the opposite if you do the opposite. Again, making plans can greatly simplify life.

Utilise the space

Instead of letting the available space constrain your design options, please take advantage of the shape of the room’s walls and ceiling by incorporating it into the design of your fitted wardrobes. For instance, the nature of made-to-measure wardrobes allows your designer to size them to follow the slope and frame of the roof if you have a slanted or sloping ceiling.

This will enable you to make the most of the available height and utilize every square inch of the room, even in awkwardly shaped spaces.


Another advantage of custom-fitted wardrobes is that you can designate which areas of the wardrobe you want to use for storing clothing, footwear, or jewellery items. Including custom storage drawers for small appliances like watches and jewellery is advised as part of a great wardrobe design. For example, you can store more delicate items safely in an integrated storage drawer with leather inserts, reducing the risk of damage and saving time by never having to search far for your

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