How to renovate and restore an old front door

Wood is such a beautiful material. It can come alive from the love, care and devotion to the craft of carpentry. In this modern day and age, more and more parts of the home are being made out of metal, composite and other materials. It’s cheaper than ever to incorporate metal and other non-wood materials into almost every area of the home such as the dining table and chairs, our beds, desks, sofas and much more.  However, one area of the home that hasn’t changed that much over time is the modest door.

Maybe that’s why the doors in our homes are the most unloved as they simply perform a function and aren’t there for style. However, if you look at the great manor houses in the countryside you can tell that once upon a time the door to a room, and indeed to the home itself, was a symbol of style and wealth. We can all recognise the power of the black door at No.10 Downing Street. So maybe it’s time you renovated your ageing door back to its former (or new) glory.

How to renovate and restore an old front door


A smoother clunk

Quality comes in many forms. In a door, the smooth flow of the door is an obvious sign of great craftsmanship. A light swing and flow of a door that probably weighs half as much as fully grown adult is the sign of a great design too. However, the gentle yet strong clunk of a modern lock is a sure sign of being a great door. Modern locks are much stronger than previous generations despite using less metal. Call up your Local Locksmiths and see what kind of locks could fit in your door to upgrade the design and the quality of the door. This little but very important part of the door brings an aging door right up to the modern era.

Smoothing the gruff

Much like us in the morning, a door can become rough and gruff over time. Little piece of wood can stick out like loose splinters. The paint can wear away and generally, the door can look unloved. To begin work on smoothing out the imperfections, buy some fine sandpaper. You want the grit to be extra fine as you’re not trying to wear down certain areas but rather, smooth them out. Set about the door’s design finding where the dents, scrapes, and scratches are. With the sandpaper, you need only to apply a little pressure and begin slowly eroding the damaged wood. You’re not trying to flatten it remember, you’re trying to restore its original shape and design. You may want to paint over the finished areas once again or varnish them back to the original hue.

Polish the fittings

Front doors can sometimes have metal fittings to them in the way of something intricate. This could be a rose or a lion’s head for example. To bring back the former glory they once had, you can clean and polish them back to the standard they once were.

Any door in your home can be scrubbed up to look brand new. Smooth out the imperfections such as dents and scratches, to make them feel new again. Equally, the sound of a modern lock clicking is going to inject a bit of quality into the door.  Rather than replacing an old front door, try bringing it back to its former glory and create something you’ll be proud of.

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How to renovate and restore an old front door


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