How to save money on your home broadband

If you’re looking for ways to cut costs at home then your broadband bill might be a good place to start.  Many of us fall into the trap of staying with the same broadband provider and overpaying for no good reason after our original contract is up.  Luckily there are some ways you can slash this household expense to get much cheaper internet bills.

Here are some tips on how to get a cheaper broadband package:

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Compare the best broadband deals

There are websites that allow you to compare the best broadband deals by entering your postcode to find the best price for your area.  Switching your broadband provider could save you up to £275 per year.  Just like you should compare new mortgage deals and energy deals, you should also remember to check for a new broadband deal every time your latest contract expires.

Some may struggle finding a suitable internet partner that can offer a fast connection, especially those who live in rural areas. There are just a small number of businesses that specialise in this area so comparing the best deals shouldn’t be difficult. Starlink internet plans can be a good starting point for a low latency, fast connection using a satellite network which has been introduced by a Division of SpaceX.

Try to haggle with your existing provider

Last year we were able to reduce our broadband bill by £13 a month by making a simple phone call to our broadband provider and requesting a reduced price.  We’d found out someone else was paying £10 less for the exact same package as us and before we even got to explain this, we were offered a cheaper price.  That was an amazing saving of £156 for an entire year.  Sometimes it just takes a quick phone call.  If you’ve compared broadband deals, as in the above step, then see if your existing provider can match the best price you’ve found.

Only pay for the package size you need

There’s no point in paying for a larger data allowance or a combo phone/TV/broadband package if you aren’t using all the data or services.  It’s money wasted and doesn’t make sense.  Analyse your internet usage and instead choose the package that is suitable for your needs.  If it’s just you using the internet to browse social media and check emails then you probably don’t need to pay for a high speed 200MB fibre optic connection!

Choose a combined package

If you use a landline, broadband and have a TV package then combining these into one deal with one supplier could save you money compared to having them individually or with separate companies.  Just watch out for seemingly amazing broadband deals that are super cheap but then require you to take out a really expensive line rental.

Check for cashback

Never forget to check for cashback when choosing a new service that you can book online.  Some broadband providers offer hundreds of pounds of cashback on broadband deals.  This means you might be able to afford that package upgrade you thought was too pricey or just enjoy the saving once the cashback hits your bank account.

Look out for special offers

If it’s nearly time to switch providers then keep an eye out in newspapers, online and on TV adverts for special offers and deals.  Some companies for instance will charge an installation fee, but they may sometimes have a special offer of free installation.

Make sure you get what you pay for

When it comes to your internet speed, make sure you are getting what you pay for.  Regularly test your broadband for good speed test results and if it’s not reaching your quoted speed then you have grounds to ask for a discount. If it’s regularly a reduced rate or the connection is going down then let your broadband provider know and request money off your next bill for any inconvenience.

Pay by direct debit

Finally, don’t forget to check the different payment methods available to you and whether choosing to pay your monthly bill by direct debit will save you money.  The same sometimes applies to paperless billing, so look into the monetary incentives your broadband provider offers when it comes to paying and receiving your bills.

Staying with the same broadband provider past your contract expiry date is a sure-fire way to pay more than you need to.  Use the above tips to make a saving on your broadband every year.