How to set up your tiny home for Airbnb and earn big money

Airbnb has fast become everyone’s favourite side hustle. Even amid a global pandemic, Airbnb hosts saw significant earnings from domestic travellers. That said, becoming a key player in the Airbnb game takes more than sprucing up your home with a few fancy cushions and a new bedspread.

If you’re seeking Airbnb success, it’s essential to offer something unique. A memorable experience gives guests something to talk about and a reason to write a great review. The better your reviews, the more competitive your Airbnb will become.

It’s all in the details. Whether it’s unexpected comforts or creative DIY, there are many ways to wow guests and become a sought-after host. Today we’re exploring some creative ways to set your home up for Airbnb and reap the rewards of exceeding guest expectations.

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How to set up your home for Airbnb

Take a look around the site

Before embarking on a series of DIY projects, take a look at high-ranking Airbnb properties. Read reviews and find out what guests loved about their stay. Doing your research is the first step in the Airbnb planning process and provides a solid base to build on.

The Airbnb site offers a selection of filters that allow you to narrow your search and find hosts you closely align with. Rather than wade through thousands of reviews, the filter gives you an easy way to gather information about what made the Airbnbs memorable.

Set up for the guests you want to attract

Your home improvements and DIY projects should align with the kinds of guests you’re looking to attract, your property’s size, and the budget you’re working with. If you are going to spend money converting a room, adding an extension for this endeavour or building a tiny home from scratch as an Airbnb using a loan or alternative credit then you need to ensure your investment is worth it and you can make a return on it as soon as possible. Looking at some of the most common types of travellers, you can decide who your property is best suited to and decorate according to their wants, needs, and general taste so you don’t overspend or overprice your type of accommodation.

How to set up your tiny home for Airbnb and earn big money

The budget-friendly traveller

Those travelling on a budget love simple, organised accommodation. The budget-friendly traveller typically doesn’t stay long but may prefer to stay with a larger group to split accommodation costs. They’re happy with simplicity. A warm, comfortable place to sleep, clean amenities, and good WiFi are the basics for the budget-friendly traveller. Tiny house Airbnbs can offer cosy, cost effective get aways for these travellers.

The luxury seeker

Appealing to the luxury traveller may cost you a little more in the initial setup, but it also means you’ll be able to set your Airbnb at a higher price. As luxury seekers tend to travel in smaller groups or couples, your accommodation doesn’t need to be large, but it does need to be somewhat extra. Luxury dining tables and other furniture will leave a lasting impression on your customers. The smaller your accommodation, the easier it will be to keep to your budget, so consider transforming a tiny home into a luxury Airbnb.

The traveller on business

Airbnb has expanded the accommodation options for corporate travellers. They no longer have to put up with a boxy hotel room. Now they can have all their creature comforts of home, away from home. If you own an inner-city Airbnb, it pays to appeal to the corporate traveller. Your accommodation doesn’t need to be large, but you will need to provide reliable WiFi, plenty of power points, and a workstation with a comfortable office chair.

How to set up your tiny home for Airbnb and earn big money

Enhancing your interiors

Here’s where the fun begins. Your Airbnb’s interior plays a huge role in creating a memorable experience for your guests, and the more effort you put in, the more you will get out. If you’re lucky enough to be dealing with a new build, you have a wonderful blank canvas to work with. If your property is a little run down, you will need to make the necessary improvements before adding your special touch.

Here’s where you can put your DIY skills to good use. We’re not strangers to a good DIY project. Here are a few simple ideas that make a big impact:

  • Renovate existing furniture and save money sprucing up what’s already yours.
  • Add pops of colour throughout the house and get creative with colour schemes that suit your intended guests.
  • Create woodwork masterpieces. Use your woodwork skills to build interior furnishings such as coffee tables, headboard, and cabinets.
  • Add luscious indoor plants. Bring the outside in and keep the air clean with an assortment of indoor greenery.
How to set up your tiny home for Airbnb and earn big money

Create a blissful outdoor setting

If your property has an outdoor area, maximise its potential. A gorgeous outdoor setting raises the value of an Airbnb property and adds a beautiful space for guests to relax and unwind.

With plenty of comfortable seating, a replenished patio or deck and an outdoor fire, you can create a blissful outdoor setting for any season. Add simple touches such as garden lights, hanging chairs, a shade sail, or a pizza oven to add unique qualities to the area. Keep your outdoor area modern yet minimal to avoid cluttering any natural garden surroundings and ensure the style matches your interior features.

Outdoor furniture can be costly. Rather than blowing the budget, try your hand at building your own seating and dining table, creating outdoor furniture exclusive to your Airbnb.

Don’t get carried away

Whatever your decorative style, try to maintain a sense of minimalism throughout your Airbnb. This will make it easy to reset between guests and ensure your guests are not overwhelmed with detail. Creating a successful Airbnb is an extremely rewarding experience. Do it right, and those five-star reviews will come rolling in thick and fast.

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How to set up your tiny home for Airbnb and earn big money

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