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How to store wooden furniture correctly

There are lots of reasons why you might wish to store wooden furniture. You might be in the middle of a temporary move; for instance you’re vacating your home to allow for major building works to take place, or perhaps you’re living in short-term accommodation while you await to move into a new property. You might not have any space for your wooden furniture or it doesn’t suit your current home décor but you still want to keep it regardless. Maybe you want to pass these quality pieces on to your children one day or you plan on selling or auctioning them at a later date. Or, you might wish to store your wooden garden furniture away for the winter.

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Regardless of the reason you wish to store your wooden furniture, you will nonetheless have to take the same factors into consideration. You’ll need to carefully choose a storage facility that caters to your needs, as well as thoroughly prepare your furniture beforehand.

Why is it important to properly store wooden furniture?

Wood is particularly vulnerable to deterioration if it’s not properly cared for. At the very least, wooden furniture that isn’t well looked after can suffer discolouration and minor stains; at the very worst it can split through shrinking or expansion due to moisture, or be attacked and destroyed by pests. Most people will have heard of woodworm, which is a very serious problem for timber furniture as it can completely destroy the structure. It’s essential that woodworm is treated as soon as it’s detected as the damage is very difficult to reverse and often requires costly professional restoration.

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There are also types of wet and dry rot that can affect wooden furnishings but can be prevented by giving your items the appropriate care. Cellar fungus is the most common type of wet rot affecting wood and results in a fungus feeding off the timber. This eventually breaks the wood down, thereby destroying it. It is therefore important that you store any wood furniture within a well-ventilated area that’s protected from moisture.

Where to store?

You might be tempted to store your furniture within your loft space or garage, but that’s really not advisable if you want to maintain its condition. Lofts and garage spaces are prone to dampness and mould, and so could actually cause damage to your wooden furniture over time. It’s therefore definitely a good idea, if you want to ensure the longevity of your wooden furniture, that you place it in a designated storage unit.

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There is no shortage of storage facilities, but it’s important that you choose the correct one for your wooden furniture. Inspect the individual lock-up unit carefully and read customer reviews on the facility. It’s also important that you consider the type of facility for your needs. Safestore have a range of storage options that are secure and protected from the elements, which is ideal for wooden items. You can also purchase additional packaging to protect your pieces further.


While storing your wooden furniture in a storage facility will help prevent damage from the elements, it’s still a good idea to prepare it beforehand just to make sure it stands the test of time. Remove dust and loose particles by gently using a non-abrasive, soft cloth, then prepare with an appropriate wood cleaning product. You might want to then apply a lick of furniture polish just to prevent the wood from drying out. Once sealant has completely dried, consider packing your item for storage. Depending on the type of wooden furniture, you might prefer to disassemble it and store it in parts.


Wooden furniture is vulnerable to the elements and to parasites and fungi. However, with the right storage, care, and preparation, you can ensure that your quality pieces are long lasting.

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