area rug styling

How to style your home with area rugs

Adding an area rug can make or break the vibe in a home. A single rug can add a bit of excitement to a room that lacks energy. While there are many reasons you should use rugs to implement novelty in your home, we’ll discuss the common dos and don’ts when decorating with rugs.

Area rugs are accent rugs mostly used to anchor and accentuate the space in a room. Imagine you have a beautiful home and a big living room with an elegant table and sofa; all it lacks is the final decorative item to complete the look. That’s when a rug comes into play. 

But before buying your rug, follow along with this article to learn more about styling your home with area rugs, how to cherish their existence, and add warmth.

Define your place

You can define any area with the help of rugs. You can place all sorts of rugs in each room, from boho rugs to minimalistic, patterned, or even rugs with bold styles. While exploring the types of rugs, you need to learn a thing or two about where to place them to define the area.

For example, a rug used to define the living room can’t be placed in the bedroom or the kitchen. In the living room, the carpet needs to be large enough so that the front legs of the furniture and the entire coffee table are placed on it. It can’t be a short, small rug like the ones for the bedroom.

Designers focus more on choosing rugs that match the area and accentuate its decor and function. So, please avoid placing a rug where it’s not supposed to be.

area rug styling

Don’t try to match all the colours

If you’re struggling with the colour choices and have already bought the furniture and the rest of the items for your house, selecting the rug colours can give you quite a headache. If you try to hard to match the colours in every room, you’ll have an unnatural look.

Furthermore, when doing the room from scratch, it’s recommended to choose the rug colours and go from there. In case bold colours seem like a big deal, start with neutral and soft colours, and over time you can discover the colours you want to implement and match them with the walls or the furniture.

And if you still can’t match the colours in the room, the golden rule is to stick with similar colours and hues that will blend in perfectly. You can implement different gradations, shades, and hues, so choosing the colour shouldn’t be such an issue.

Tips to remember when it comes to colors – light colors make the objects look more prominent, while dark ones do the opposite. You’ll get a modern and expansive look if you’re trying to widen your space by placing a light-colored rug.

Tips regarding the rug size

One of the most common mistakes people make is purchasing a small rug. A rug doesn’t have to be too small to fit in the room and complement the space. If the rug exceeds the edges of the furniture, it’s the perfect size for the living room.

A small rug makes the room and the objects inside look out of proportion. However, if you prefer a small rug, feel free to do your thing and decorate the room according to your preferences.

area rug styling

Multiple rugs

Regarding the multiple-carpet rule, you can place more than one rug in a room. Make sure to do whatever works for you so that whenever you look at your home, you think how lucky you’re to live in such a place.

You can combine two rugs or a rug and a carpet and bring together the patterns and the colour palette throughout the space. Make sure to mix colours and not put the same scheme in the dining room as in the living room.

Try different shapes

Rugs are available in all shapes and sizes, from a square, and rectangular to oval circles, etc. If you’re a fan of unusual rug shapes, you should explore them and figure out which one will fit your area.

Let’s sum up!

Hopefully, the tips above will help you make the right decision when styling your home with an area rug. A rug can add texture to the floor and create a cosy and elegant look in the room, so you have many options to choose from. With this being a reasonable investment and a feature piece for any room it’s worth taking your time and making the right purchase. Feel free to consider all of your options before you make the purchase!

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