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Is It Worth Hiring A Professional Painter For Home Improvement

A perfect paint job will speak volumes about your house. But how do you determine if you should hire a professional painter to do it?

Those fancy painting tools and colours might be calling you, making you crave ‘doing it yourself,’ but will you have the right skills to finish the job to a high standard? What if the wall and ceiling plaster comes off? How do you overlap the old paint? Can you cover all the rooms?

These and other considerations will help you determine whether you should hire a professional painter for your home improvement.

Let’s dig in to find out more.

professional painter

How to tell if a professional paint job is worth it

Making up your mind to hire a professional painter isn’t easy. It’s overwhelming to wrap your head around so many considerations before making that call. You might be wondering about the service quality, safety, professionalism, skills, price, etc. Luckily, there are reliable ways to find the best painters in your area.

Great Guys Painting is one of the many agencies that will help you hire a professional painter. These highly experienced agencies will let you choose from several paint job options, including paint removal, wallpaper, popcorn ceiling removal, power washing, and more.

But before letting the professionals take over, check the following indicators to see if this option is necessary:

Big house, more rooms

Those latest easy-fix paint advertisements shouldn’t trick you. It’s easy-peasy painting the first room and a little tiring but still satisfying doing the second, but it’ll be back-breaking by the time you finish them all.

Even if you care less about yourself, think about the end results. You might not even be able to finish at all. The paint could look uneven, thick in some places, and thin in others, giving you more pain than your bad back.

So, let the professional do it right.   

Fixing Drywall

Covering small holes or pits in your bedroom or the kitchen with filler might be easy, and it isn’t hard to do a good job. But what about those big sections of drywall—exposed bricks, cement and big holes, not to mention whole areas of water damage!

Such paint jobs require prep work that requires an expert. A professional painter can finish those drywall areas so that they match your remodelled home.

Multi-storied house

Take a look at your house from the outside if it’s multi-storied. Painting the middle and high areas can terrify even the bravest among us. It’s a relatively obvious sign that you must hire a professional.

A professional painter can correctly calculate the amount and time of the total paint job for your building. This will save you all kinds of hassle, time, and money.

Old paint hazard

You will definitely want to take the old paint off your walls. An old paint job from 30-40 years back poses a health risk. Scraping or sanding exposes lead-based paint, threatening your family’s health. Worst–case scenario, it can be poisonous.

Even your doctor would suggest you remove and replace the paint in this condition. Now you need to decide — to call or not to call a professional painter.

Same colour, many rooms

Those colour palettes for interior and exterior paint jobs are priceless. They help you distinguish between diverse shades of a particular colour. However, if you aim to paint all the rooms with the same shade, things might get messy.

Painting the whole house yourself would take forever. On the other hand, even if you do, you probably won’t get exactly the same colour tone and shade in all of the rooms.

Such an enormous painting job calls for a pro.

Specialty finish

Specialty finish paints like lacquer contain potent chemicals, posing a health risk for you and your family. Moreover, spraying is a standard option for lacquer, which spreads more through air droplets. So, doing it yourself is unwise.

A professional painter might advise on a matte finish paint instead of lacquer. It’s a better option because there is less of a chance for lumps or dents in the walls. 

Flaky old walls

Working on the flaky old walls is a precondition to painting. Why bother getting into things uncharted and messing with them when a professional painter can do that for you! Old walls can have a long-term impact if the prep work isn’t expertly done.

The primer and paint may not adhere well to the walls. The surfaces may look patchy or uneven shortly after painting. The whole house will automatically look worse as a result.

If you want to avoid these kinds of problems, you should go for a professional painter. 

Craft and woodwork

The walls are flat and even, but your handcrafted furniture, windows, and doors aren’t. Painting them takes expertise.

You may end up zig-zagging across those objects instead of painting them correctly. Let the professionals handle them, so you don’t make your woodwork look patchy and odd.

High and leaky ceiling

Upgrading a home is a daunting task, and you shouldn’t put your health in jeopardy to do it. Trying to paint high ceilings presents such a danger. If your house has high ceilings, you must use a step ladder to paint them. Using a chair or desk isn’t good since stretching upward strains your body, and it’s easy to tip over and fall.

Your ceiling may also start leaking, and its plaster may come off. Don’t try to fix this yourself; instead, hand it over to a drywall service specialist.

How hiring a professional painter benefits you

There are huge benefits to hiring a professional. Starting from achieving an attractive exterior to improving your return on investment, a pro touch can provide huge value.

Resourceful and time-saver

Your full-time job or family responsibilities offer little to no time for painting your home yourself.

A professional painter, drywall, or power wash service provider may help you with this. They will take the job seriously and make sure it’s done correctly and timely.

Less risky

As discussed earlier, you are in danger of sustaining serious injuries from painting high ceilings or the hard-to-reach areas of your house. Hence, letting it be handled by a professional will save you the hassle and danger and ensure your property’s safety.

Perfect paint job

The feeling of accomplishment is priceless. Similarly, having your massive painting job done is a big relief! Would it be possible for you to get it done seamlessly without the help of a professional painter? A big NO.

Profitable investment 

Renovating your home has two-fold benefits. Your residence becomes cosier, healthier, and more aesthetic. And this brings you to the next and long-term benefit: more profit upon selling.

A professionally upgraded house will invariably sell for a much higher price in the future, ensuring a handsome return on your investment. 

In a nutshell

Refusing to hire a professional painter for your home improvement is counterproductive. 

You might be trying to find ways to save money on your remodel, but in the long run, investing in a professional service will give you a much better return. It’s a long-term investment that can turn your old house into your dream home.

A professional painter can provide a well-researched, planned and economical painting service. So don’t hesitate to hire one to help you reach your goals.

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