How to turn your house into a palace through home decor

Imagine you come home exhausted after you have had a rough day at work. What would you be happier to see: a beautiful, comfortable living room where you just need to sit on the sofa, hug a soft cushion and pull a blanket over yourself to feel better or an unkempt one, where you will have to remove old water glasses and trash from the table, and go to your bedroom to pick up a cushion, if you want to snuggle up and watch TV?

Numerous studies say that the beauty of our surroundings can impact heavily our mood, mental wellbeing and performance and while you can’t control how your work place looks (at least most of the time) you can absolutely turn your home into a beautiful, sacred place where all your worries are left at the door and where you can relax and be yourself.

How to do this? Home décor.

How to turn your house into a palace through home decor

Home décor: the best way to turn your house into your home

Even if you don’t spend all that much time at home, being able to relax and let go by simply looking at the décor will do wonders for making it feel your own, and having it be your “safe space”, so to say.

Keeping it neat, tidy and as clean as possible is important but so is a decoration that matches your styles, likes and helps you feel welcome and at ease. It doesn’t matter what style you favour, as long as you like it: country rustic, modern and minimalist, shabby chic, hippy, etc.

By creating a space that is personal to you and that you love, you will create your very own palace! A place you love to be and that is truly you and filled with things that make you happy each day.

How to turn your house into a palace through home decor

Choose your favourite home décor style

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep your style cohesive and not have your house turn into a bit of an eclectic mess (if that’s what you prefer, all the better; but for those that would rather have their home décor stick to a particular style, eclectic is not the best).

However, plenty of stores have “themes” and offer everything you need to keep your house stylish: Zara home for trendy styles, antiquity shops for rustic and vintage, Pretty Little Home for eco-friendly and shabby chic.

There, you will find all the pieces you need to keep your house beautiful, including wall decor and even home decor gifts to congratulate yourself on your stylish house. Combining different pieces, mixing and matching them and adding some candles to enhance the mood will go a long way to turn your house into that safe space where you can be at ease.

Home décor: choose unique pieces that you love and are a talking point with your guests

If your house is lacking in personality and doesn’t feel very ‘you’ then all you need to do is add some beautiful home décor to bring it to life and turn it into your very own palace!

The perfect place to discover unique home décor is Floately. Here you will find some amazing levitating home décor items such as lamps and even plant pots! If you want something unique in your home that is sure to be a talking point then these items from Floately are perfect:

VOLTA levitating light bulb

Not only does this bulb float, but it can spin too. It will look great on a desk, bedside table or shelf and will certainly mesmerise you and your guests!

floating light bulb lamp floately

AIRSAI floating plant pot

AIRSAI is a levitating plant pot to help create a relaxing atmosphere in your home or even on your work desk.

It comes in four different styles so you can pick the perfect floating plant pot for each room of your home!

Airsai floating plant pot by Floately

Make your house a home with home décor

If you don’t know where to start then Pinterest is great to find ideas and to work out which style you like best. Think of friends and family homes that you love, grab home décor magazines and use your own personality and favourite colours/themes to work out your own individual style for your home décor.

Most importantly, enjoy the process of making your house a home!

How to turn your house into a palace through home decor

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